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The Ultimate Proofreader is the UK's leading provider of English-language proofreading services.

We specialise in the proofreading of academic papers, including dissertations, essays, research proposals, scientific manuscripts and journal articles.

We provide three levels of academic proofreading and editing services that are expertly designed and take into consideration the very specific and individual needs of undergraduates, Master's and PhD students, researchers and lecturers whose mother tongue is not English.

For more details on each of the three services, please click the relevant link below: 

Academic Proofreading Service 

2) Academic Editing Service

3) Substantive Academic Copy-editing Service (Most popular)

In addition to academics and students, we also serve
writers, professionals and businesses, in the UK and around the world, with bespoke and cost-effective proofreading services.

We proofread and edit books, CVs, personal statements, letters, reports, contracts, website content and company brochures, press releases and publications.

All our services are affordably and fairly priced and completed within fast turnaround times, to required deadlines, by highly-experienced native English-speaking proofreaders and editors who are published authors, subject experts and PhD holders.

We are available 7 days a week throughout the year, including weekends and public holidays.

We apply a very strict confidentiality policy so that our clients can rest assured that their documents are 100% safe and secure.

We - at The Ultimate Proofreader - pride ourselves on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

How to order?

Ordering our services is very simple and easy. Simply email us your document to or submit it through the form available on the right-hand side column.

1. Proofreading Services for Students/Academics

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Writing your essay, dissertation or journal in formal academic language that meets the standards required by your university or publisher can be a significant challenge, particularly if you are a non-native speaker.

It is also no secret that academic papers and manuscripts written in poor English or  with errors - particularly related to grammar, punctuation or spelling - will most likely be rejected. 

Students also complain that they lose much-needed marks and grades because of mistakes in their referencing styles (APA, Harvard, MLA, etc) and in-text citations.

For this reason, we have designed our proofreading services in such a way that would help you, as a student or academic, to ensure your thesis, essay or journal is written up to the required academic standard before submission. 

But how do we come in and help you? 

In a nutshell, our specialist native-speaking proofreaders and editors will identify and correct grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes, and will also revise, improve and enhance your written academic copy to a native-speaker level.

Proofreading services uk


In addition to our proofreading and editing services, we provide a professional academic rewriting and paraphrasing service.

This service is provided to students and academics who need to cite from other sources of literature and require a paraphrase so as to avoid falling in the trap of plagiarism - which is an extremely serious offence in academia.

Our paraphrasing service is delivered by highly-qualified and skilled paraphrasers and text rewriters who will expertly and professionally rewrite and paraphrase your original text employing a different structure, different words and different style, whilst maintaining your original intended meaning in the final paraphrased version.

What do we do with your text, in detail?

1)   We correct any grammatical, typographical or punctuation errors.

2)  We remove any colloquialisms, redundancies, unnecessary repetitions, and any use of non-academic language to ensure your writing follows academic, idiomatic, formal style.

3) We replace any American expressions or words with their British English equivalents, or vice versa, depending on your choice of the language variant. 

4) We ensure your language flows nicely throughout, with emphasis on readability and clarity.

5) We ensure your argument or point of view is well explained and well structured in a convincing, logical and coherent manner. 

6) We make sure your ideas are well organised, connected and make sense together. 

7) We correct any errors in your in-text citations, referencing, or bibliography, depending on your preferred referencing style.

8) Our proofreaders and editors leave comments, ask questions and flag up issues that need to be reviewed.

Three-factor Quality Assurance

1) Manual from start to finish

No matter how far technology has advanced, when it comes to proofreading and editing, machines cannot replace human brains.

For this reason, we do all our work manually from start to finish. Our proofreaders, editors and reviewers will thoroughly and professionally correct and improve your text, both semantically and syntactically, marking errors, introducing necessary corrections and modifications, and refining your language.

Our team of high-calibre proofreaders and editors, based in the UK and around the world, bring not only many years of experience in editing and proofreading, but also academic knowledge, information, background, and - above all - eye for detail.

2) Double-reviewed 

Once the document has been proofread or edited, it is then assigned to a reviewer who goes over it to make sure that nothing had slipped the net of the first proofreader or editor, in an extra layer of scrutiny.

3) Track-changed/Marked-up Copy

We provide a track-changed (marked-up) copy of your manuscript, in addition to a clean, finalised copy ready for immediate use.

The track-changes option gives our proofreaders and editors an opportunity to ask you questions or leave comments about clarifications required. 

A native speaker student? Why do you too need proofreading services?

As a native English-speaking student or academic, you might be telling yourself that  proofreading or editing services are not something you need.

Why do we believe otherwise? For two reasons:

First: We, as human beings, are naturally blind to our own mistakes and faults in writing. In what we write we see only what our eyes are trained, or would like, to see. We hardly spot our own language flaws.

Second: Many of our clients are actually native English speakers who ask us to not only correct any errors that might have slipped their nets, but also to ensure that their written copy is solid, coherent and well-structured, and that their ideas are appropriately organised, argued and defended. 

That is why, if you are submitting a research proposal, essay or dissertation to your university or an article to a peer-reviewed journal publisher, it is definitely important to get your text expertly revised, edited and scrutinised by a “second pair of eyes” before submission.

10 common errors, issues in scholarly papers

As a responsible proofreading services provider, we think we ought to share some knowledge about the most common and serious errors and issues which can detract from the value, quality as well as credibility of your academic research work.

The errors and issues listed are very frequent, particularly in papers written by non-native students: 

1- Grammatical errors

2- Typos

3- Punctuation mistakes

4 - Mixing up British English with American or Australian English

5- Wrong use of prepositions, connectors and pronouns

6- Use of colluquialisms

7- Non-academic, non-idiomatic and incomprehensible language

8- Informal words, phrases and expressions not suitable in academia

9- Mistakes in in-text citations, referencing style (APA - Harvard - MLA - Chicago - OSCOLA) and bibliography (extremely common)

10- Badly structured sentences

We have helped university students, postgraduates and academics in the following fields, among many others:

1- Law

2- Biology

3- Physiology 

4- Nursing

5- Political science

6- Physics

7- Media

8- Chemistry

9- Engineering

10- Literature

11- Psychology

12- Sociology 

13- Arts

14- Culture 

15- Religion

16- Language

17- Economics

18- Philosophy

19- History

20- Computer science

21- Technology

22- Medicine

23- Agriculture

2. Proofreading Services for Book Authors/Writers

Although enjoyable, the writing of a novel or a play, or even a short story, is a painstaking and long process. It takes a great deal of effort and time, and - above all - massive thinking. 

As a writer, if you are aiming for a best seller, you will certainly need to ensure that the interesting content you have worked so hard to produce is presented to your readers in the best and most engaging way. It goes without saying that any typographical, grammatical or punctuation errors which can be quite embarrassing. Reviewers will soon pick up on this.

It would not look good either if your book has a broken narrative, inconsistencies, structural gaps, contradictions, wordiness or textual incoherence.

Here comes our role as a top-notch proofreading services UK-based provider.

Similarly to academics, we offer three graded proofreading services for book authors, script writers and playwrights which we strongly believe would perfectly meet their various needs and requirements.

Not only will our experienced book editors go through your text semantically and syntactically, but they will also look at it through forensic and critical lenses to ensure any pitfalls in the text are well resolved. They will suggest solutions and fixes to problems in your draft, whether related to content or form.

For more details of our package of book proofreading services, please click here, or choose the relevant section in the menu bar.

If you would like to test our service quality first, we offer a free sample. Two different editors will each provide a copy, in order to give you more choice.

3. Proofreading Services for Businesses/Corporations

In today's business world, writing business communication, letters, press releases, reports, blogs or website content in clear, concise and impactful language is paramount.

As companies and businesses battle it out for potential clients or customers, more attention than ever is also being given to promotional material, whether online or in the form of leaflets, brochures and pamphlets.

Poorly written content on a company's website with language errors will, at best, turn potential clients away.

A simple language mistake in a written copy can land companies and businesses in embarrassing or indeed serious situations.  

Simply consider this example:

Written: "The company has therefore decided to contract your services."

Intended: "The company has therefore decided not to contract your services."

For this reason, we have proofreaders and editors who are dedicated to ensuring that your text - be it a report, a letter, an email, a press release, promotional material or website content - is presented in the most accurate English possible, in terms of language, content and form.

With our various proofreading services, we simply make your text speak well for you.

We serve companies here in the UK and abroad. So, if you are a business or institution interested in trying our services, you can send us a sample for an edit or a proofread to

proofreading services uk

4. Proofreading Services for Professionals/Individuals

In a world teeming with fierce competition, CVs, personal statements and cover letters can simply make or break, when it comes to job pursuit.

They are the first thing that companies and businesses looking to recruit new staff set their eyes on, with a particular focus on how the applicants present themselves and showcase their knowledge and their experience. 

A badly written CV or a cover letter with language flaws certainly would not reflect good on you and would most likely turn potential employers away.


A well-written CV, closely and tightly proofread and edited, will most likely make a big difference by creating a positive impact on potential employers.

Again, you may have the longest experience and most unique set of skills and qualities, but that may not guarantee you being shortlisted for an interview, if your CV and cover letter are poorly written or have language errors.

Therefore, it is really crucial to have your CV, personal statement and cover letter professionally edited and proofread.

Here we come in with our CV proofreading services, which will help make your CV and cover letter shine through. 

We also proofread and edit business letters, reports, emails and many other forms of writing.

If you have a sample and want to test our proofreading or editing services, why not send it us today? It is free, with no obligation whatsoever.

How does it work?


We try to make things as easy and as simple as possible to our clients.  




So, if you have an essay or a dissertation and would like to place an order for any of our proofreading services, editing or paraphrasing services, please follow the following steps.

  • 1) Send us the document by email to, or through the form available on the website. 
  • 2) Specify in your email your preferred deadline
  • 3) Specify your preferred reference style
  • 4) If you have any specific requirements or instructions, please highlight them in your email




Within two hours or less, we will get back to you with:

  • 1) Confirmation of receipt and availability
  • 2) Delivery details
  • 3) Payment details (we accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer)

Once payment has been made, the job will be assigned to an editor or paraphraser.




You will get your document proofread or rewritten back from us by the agreed deadline by email.

You will receive the document in two copies: one with changes marked to show you what has been changed by the editor, and another clean final version that is ready for immediate use and submission.

Want a free trial?

We totally understand that, as a new client, you may still need to know exactly the quality of service you will get from us, before paying for it.

For this reason, we have made it possible for you - subject to availability - to try any of our proofreading, editing or paraphrasing services before you buy; you can simply send us a sample of your work and we will do it for FREE with no obligation whatsoever.

Note: We aim to return completed samples within 48 hours maximum, but sometimes, due to high demand, samples can take much longer. You can send your sample to:

9 reasons why to choose us

1 - Quality is our number one priority: we provide the UK's genuinely best 
proofreading services & editing and paraphrasing services. Unlike other manuscript editing service providers, we truly believe in something called QUALITY, so we pay attention to every single word and sentence you have written in your paper. 

2 - Top-notch proofreaders & editors: we have a team of outstanding native English proofreaders, editors, reviewers and rewriters who have decades of experience. With a keen eye for detail, they are the best in the UK at what they do.

3 - Value for money: all our proofreading, editing and paraphrasing services are reasonably and affordably priced, especially as a significant part of our clients are Master's and PhD students with limited budgets. 

4 - Fast turnaround: our services are completed and delivered to customers within fast turnaround times, without any impact on quality. We are aware that students in particular can sometimes have a very short deadline to submit their papers and therefore need their documents proofread and edited urgently.

5 - Trust & reputation: we are a reliable and trusted proofreading and copy-editing service provider, with a wide network of clients spread across the world: the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Romania, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Oman and Kuwait.

6 - Punctuality: we are meticulously committed to our clients’ deadlines. We apply a 100% punctuality policy.

7 - Around-the-clock assistance: we are available 7 days a week, throughout the year. So, whenever you need any help from us, you will always find us ready to assist the best we can.

8 - Friendly service: we love to interact with our clients. We answer questions and respond to comments at any stage - whether before, during, or after the completion of the assignment. 

9- Confidentiality: we highly respect our clients' confidentiality concerns. So, we provide a very confidential service where we remove all documents delivered to clients completely from our systems.

Who are we?

Based in the UK, we have been providing proofreading services for many years to clients around the world. 

Our dedication to excellent quality and unique customer service have enabled us to grow further and further until we have become an English language proofreading services provider that is trusted and rated the best, not by hundreds, but by thousands of students, academics, businesses, professionals and authors.

We also offer paraphrasing services and editing services.

As part of our commitment to quality, we look after every word, every sentence and every paragraph in your text. We closely, tightly and carefully revise and rectify every sentence, whether in structure or meaning, to make sure that it is in the best possible form.

We special attention to common language problems, such as the use of pronouns, connectors, prepositions, tense, among other linguistic aspects.

We go beyond the syntactic side of proofreading and dig deep into the semantic side of it to ensure you have written meaningful content. 

In other words, we also believe that our task goes beyond the mere improvement of the language and style of writing to an informative, insightful, and educational service. 

For this reason, we provide feedback, as appropriate, on the areas of language that need to be worked on. Additionally, we have created a blog on our website that is purely dedicated to language-related matters.

We strongly believe customers who pay for proofreading services deserve to the greatest value for money. They deserve services of a quality and standard that are really immaculate.

Based on this, it was vital for us as a business offering proofreading services to UK and international clients to price our services in such a way to make them cost-efficient and cost-effective and above all affordable to buy.

We are not the cheapest, nor are we the highest-paid service providers; our prices are just set in proportion to the amount of time and effort we put into our clients’ texts.

So, we do not overcharge our clients, or undercharge them, as some poor-quality service providers would do. To put it simply, our ultimate goal is to offer you the greatest value for your money.

Our pricing policy also takes into account the fact that there are certain clients, such as students, who often have a very tight budget but who are still keen to benefit from our proofreading services. 

In addition to the reasonable pricing of our services, for first-time clients, whether professionals, businesses, students, academics or book authors, we offer a 10% discount.

We fully appreciate that time can be a highly critical factor for our clients who may need speedy delivery of proofreading services. Although we try our best to complete assignments within fast turnaround times, we never forsake quality for speed.

For us, priority always comes first. Unlike other text editing and proofreading service providers, our proofreaders and editors may spend one or even two hours on a single page to correct, revise and improve the text. 

We do not work on an hourly basis; we give every document we receive all the time and care it needs, no matter how much time or effort we put into it. Our ultimate goal is to produce a text that is proofread or edited to a high standard that would help our wide range of clients achieve their desired results.

Having said that, we are very strict with meeting deadlines by making sure that we have proofreaders and editors available 24/7, ready to step in when needed. We understand how important it can be for clients to receive their documents back urgently.

The Ultimate Proofreader prides itself on having a very experienced team of proofreaders and editors who help us deliver those sterling proofreading services to our clients in the UK, the US, China and many other countries.

We are also a very friendly secure proofreading service UK provider, and are always happy to interact with our clients, whether before, during or after the completion of their assignments.

Our aim is to help academics and students, particularly non-native speakers, to learn and improve their knowledge about the use of the English language for academic purposes. 

We can be reached by email ( or by phone (07717750188), around-the-clock.


"Thank you for the kind help last day. Your advanced  dissertation proofreading services made my supervisor like so much my paper," Dan, PhD student.

"Due to your help during last semester, I have got good marks. Thanks. I have some assignments for this summer semester, I would like to ask your proofreading services again," Kwon, PhD student.

"You guys give best proofreading services uk...thx for the great help," Karwan, a Master's degree student. 
"Your editing and academic proofreading services assisted me to higher grades. I recommended especially your substantive proofreading services which are excellent," Kymai, PhD student.  
"I found the Ultimate Proofreader to be fast, efficient and thorough. They turned my urgent little job around in less than three hours. Brilliant!" David M. H., book author. 

"I searched a lot for a really professional proofreading service provider as I study in the UK. The Ultimate Proofreader is honestly the one I needed," Kesmat, a Master's degree student.
"This is an invaluable insight into this particular assignment.. Also, I found your markings very useful and professionally done," Kamil, a UAE-based translation company owner. 

"I tried several companies before I stumbled upon this proofreading services uk based provider. All I can say is that once you have tried their academic proofreading services, you will stick with them for the future," Mohamed, academic writer.

Editor's notes

With every academic proofreading, editing or paraphrasing service assignment we complete, we provide Editor’s Notes, which are comments and observations from the editor or rewriter who handled the assignment, as/when needed.

All our clients find these notes completely helpful and insightful. But why these notes matter?

Because, in these notes, our proofreaders and editors will bring to the writer’s attention:

  • Any oddities or contradictions in the essay, dissertation, or journal article
  • Any points of weakness in the argument or organisation of ideas
  • Any inconsistency, whether in terms of language use or argument
  • Any redundancies or repetition
  • Any lack of clarity, whether in language use or ideas
  • Anything that simply does not make sense and needs the writer’s review
  • Any different spelling of names of the same author or references

These notes are provided with our English proofreading services & editing & paraphrasing services.

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for professional, highly qualified and reliable proofreaders, editors and paraphrasers.

If you have got what it takes to help us uniquely improve the language of academic and non-academic manuscripts, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently looking for native English-speaking freelancers with experience in academic editing and paraphrasing to join our team.

If interested, drop us a line and we will get in touch.