1) Academic Proofreading Service 

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The Academic Proofreading Service is the first level of our proofreading services. 

This service is designed to meet the needs of certain categories of university students, postgraduates and MA & Ph.D students.

The Academic Proofreading Service essentially involves a thorough, rigorous and complete examination of three aspects of your academic text – be it an essay, a dissertation, a scientific paper, or a journal article. The three main elements are as explained in detail below.  

Who is the academic proofreading service for?

This Academic Proofreading Service is aimed at university students and academics seeking an MA or Ph.D degree and who are more confident about their academic writing skills, but would like to give a final polish to their essays or dissertations.

It is essentially designed to meet the needs of those who want to ensure they have got the syntax of their English right and that their text is in the best shape possible with the objective of achieving the highest academic grade possible.

In a nutshell, this level of our unique proofreading services is aimed at those who have an acceptable standard of English, but are seeking to make their final copy of the essay, thesis or dissertation perfect at a low cost by enlisting the help of a professional English academic proofreading service.

If you are an ESL student or academic and do not have strong command of English, we would highly recommend that you use one of our more advanced proofreading services which would be extremely helpful in your case.

This service is also suitable for dyslexic native students and academics who have problems with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A free-of-charge sample option is applicable to the Academic Proofreading Service. You can email us any 200 words of your text to info@ultimateproofreader.co.uk.

We aim to return free samples to clients within 8 hours.

Academic Proofreading Service Sample

What does the academic proofreading service exactly cover?

1. Grammar

We will correct:

a) Subject-verb agreement mistakes

Original: Education build a bridge between individuals and communities.

Proofread: Education builds a bridge between individuals and communities.

b) Wrong use of conjunctions 

Original: Everyone in my team planned to go abroad and that triggered my deep down desire.

Proofread: Everyone in my team planned to go abroad which triggered my deep down desire.

c) Wrong use of tenses 

Original:  When I was working in the takeaway, I repeatedly hear customers requesting an online menu.

Proofread: When I was working in the takeaway, I repeatedly heard customers requesting an online menu.

d) Any mistakes in the use of modifiers, possessive pronouns, and split infinitives.

Original: Management needs to learn how to develop people's potential to continuously improve efficiency.

Proofread: Management needs to learn how to develop people's potential to improve efficiency continuously.

e) Any errors in the use of the apostrophe, or lower and upper case

Original: This is to improve the staffs’ enthusiasm.

Proofread: This is to improve the staff’s enthusiasm.

f) Incorrect use of prepositions

Original: More people pay attention on this.

Corrected: More people pay attention to this.

2. Spelling

We will correct any spelling mistakes in:

a) Words

affect (verb), effect (noun); licence (noun), license (verb); principal (head, main, major), principle (standard, rule);

b) Names

Willaims (Williams), Shakespeer (Shakespeare)

3. Punctuation

We will also correct any punctuation errors in relation to.

a) The full stop

Original: I present this for your website. And I ask for your support.

Proofread: I present this for your website and I ask for your support.

b) The comma

Original: Organisations can through a variety of ways promote human resources.

Proofread: Organisations can, through a variety of ways, promote human resources.

c) The colon

Original: These departments have three functions, human resources planning, staff recruitment and career planning.

Proofread: These departments have three functions: human resources planning, staff recruitment and career planning.

d) The semicolon

Original: Many advanced technologies will be brought to people, this new technology plays a big role in people’s lives. 

Proofread: Many advanced technologies will be brought to people; this new technology plays a big role in people’s lives.

e) Quotation marks

Depending on your preferred style, we will correct as follows or the other way round:

One of the representative of criticisms of the remuneration is that it is “too high”.

One of the representative of criticisms of the remuneration is that it is ‘too high’.

4. Typos

We will also fix any typographical errors in your text, as exemplified in the following instances:

* I wa (was) responsible for enhancing the existing products

* The poet to muses over the memorise (memories) of the past

5. American/British English

We will replace any American words or expressions with British equivalents, or vice versa (as per your preference), as exemplified below:    

* behavior (American)   behaviour (British)

*color (American)  colour (British)

*analyze (American)  analyse (British)

6. In-text citation and referencing

We will also ensure that in-text citations, references and bibliography in your essay or dissertation are in the correct format, based on your preferred referencing style, whether APA, Harvard, MLA or others.

Original: VR technology is characterised by a sense of immersion, interactivity and multi sense. (Zhang et al, 2017)

Corrected: VR technology is characterised by a sense of immersion, interactivity and multi sense (Zhang et al., 2017).

Original: Education is related to every age group (Nieto and Ramos, 2013:6).

Corrected: Education is related to every age group (Nieto & Ramos, 2013:6).

Who are we?

The Ultimate Proofreader is a UK-based powerhouse of outstanding academic proofreading services. We are located close to London, in the southeast.

For many years, we have been assisting academics, postgraduates and Ph.D students from various British and foreign universities with top-quality proofreading services UK.

We have clients from universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Leeds, the University of Reading, and the University of Sheffield, Utrecht University, the University of New York, among many more.

Our objective is to provide academic proofreading services of a standard that can hardly be matched by any other provider.

As an academic proofreading services UK provider, we have come to exist and thrive, fully aware that, if we do not deliver high-quality services up to the expectation of our clients, we would not stand an opportunity in this highly competitive market.

That is why, delivering this type of language correction service to a high standard has been our first guiding principle.

Our second guiding principle is affordability. We are equally aware that, if services that we deliver are highly priced, we would be beaten by other providers.

So, we have been determined to provide outstanding, yet affordable and reasonably priced, essay and dissertation proofreading services for academics, postgraduates, researchers and MA or Ph.D students. 

We appreciate how students in particular often run a tight budget, especially with the high cost of university and advanced education in the UK or elsewhere.

We have therefore priced our proofreading services for students and academics in a way that would make them accessible to everyone.

The third guiding principle we have been working to is to deliver our excellent, affordable academic proofreading services in a timely fashion. Although we try our best to complete assignments within fast turnaround times, we never give priority to speed over quality.

For us, as a professional service provider, priority always comes first. 

We are also a very friendly academic proofreading service provider, and are always happy to interact with our clients, whether before, during or after the completion of their assignments.

We can be contacted via email (info@ultimateproofreader.co.uk) or by phone (07717750188), 24/7 around-the-clock.

* Find out more about why we are the preferred academic proofreading service provider for many students and academics across the UK here.


“When I explained what I need to the Ultimate Proofreader guys, they discussed with me what I needed and they recommended me the Academic Proofreading Service, although it is the cheapest proofreading services they do,” Alan, a Master’s degree student.

“I opted for this category of Proofreading Services, as I am ok with writing my essays but I have a bit of weakness in grammar and the differences between American English and British English,” Sheza, a PhD student.

“I decided to go for that one because it suited me best in terms of financial cost and level of intervention in my text. I did not want any significant changes in my text. I basically wanted a read-through from a professional person to remove any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, as I am not confident with those. This excellent proofreading service was really the perfect choice for me,” Caroline, a PhD student.

"I would recommend the Academic Proofreading Services for all those students who are really good at academic writing but keen to ensure their text is error-free in terms of language,” Amina, a Master’s degree student.