Our Proofreaders, Editors & Rewriters

Providing our clients with proofreading, editing and paraphrasing services of the highest quality is our main goal.

To put it simply, without having highly-qualified and professional language experts who are able to provide an excellent proofread, edit or paraphrase, it becomes almost impossible to survive in this highly competitive market.

On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and several other platforms, thousands of people describe themselves as proofreaders and editors. However, in truth, only a few are genuinely top-quality and qualified proofreaders and editors.

We are 100% aware of this FACT.

For this reason, we pay the utmost care when it comes to the selection of our proofreaders, rewriters and editors, simply because the reputation of the Ultimate Proofreader is directly impacted by them.

Language experts with an extensive and long experience in providing proofreading services, editing services and paraphrasing services are an indispensable ASSET. 

When we select them, we take them through a very rigorous process of testing and scrutiny, and they must fulfil certain conditions:

  • 1) They must be native English speakers
  • 2) They must be experts in language
  • 3) They must have academic background and information
  • 4) They must have long enough expertise
  • 5) They must have an eye for detail

Not only that, but we also keep reviewing their work to ensure that the quality of the proofreading, editing and rewriting services we provide to our clients is excellent and consistent.

We have both British and American proofreaders and editors.

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