Cover letter and CV proofreading

We live in a digital age, where most messages are by email, text messages, social media and other similar platforms. We have seen the development of what may be called ‘text-language’ with such expressions as ‘how ru and ‘c u l8r’. Many would say that the art of letter-writing is dead; it is indeed unusual today for family or friends to write letters to each other because email, telephone, text and social media are so much more convenient. However, there are still times when a written letter is needed, such as a job application, a CV, or a cover letter. 

You may well think that writing such a letter is easy, but in these times when people as more accustomed to use emails and text language, the art of letter writing is not always well developed. If you are applying for a job, it is important that your cover letter and CV are free of errors, otherwise your chances of getting the job will be diminished. 

Look at this example from a letter which shows how one typo can change the meaning of an entire sentence. You intend to type: ‘Regarding your request to obtain a reference from my present employer, I will now do that.’; but with a typo (‘t’ instead of ‘w’) and the sentence reads: ‘Regarding your request to enclose a reference from my present employer, I will not do that.’ Your prospective employer would not be impressed! 

A good proofreader or editing service provider will spot this and draw your attention to it. This example shows that with your own work, you ‘see’ what is in your mind, and not what is printed on the paper. So when you are applying for a job, getting your CV or cover letter professionally proofread, is a wise and important step.