Do you really need proofreading services?

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Can you proofread your own writing? 

The question of whether someone is able to proofread texts that they have written is often raised within a variety of circles, including university students, academics, professionals and writers. 

There are two camps with opposite views as to whether an original writer could revise and examine their own writing. 

Yes, you can 

The supporters of this view believe that a writer can proofread and edit what they have produced without the help of anyone else. 

They basically separate between the process of writing and the process of editing. In other words, they suggest that the writer should revisit their own original text with a different pair of eyes, as if it was not written by them. 

In particular specific terms, they advise that you should be able to proofread your own text if you leave it for sometime and then go back to it, as a proofreader, language checker and editor. 

There are different words of advice on how long a person who wants to proofread his or her own stuff should be observed between the writing and the return back to the document for a cross-read or an edit. 

Suggestions start from a couple of minutes up to a full day: 24 hours. There is also a view that how long depends on various factors, including the nature of the text, its subject or topic, its length and its complexity. 

Supporters of this view believe that by observing this the writer become the cross-reader of himself or herself.

No, you cannot 

The proponents of the opposite view argue that proofreading and editing cannot be done by the original writer himself or herself. 

In the standpoint of this camp, when someone writes a text, whether it is an essay, a thesis, a book, a report, a press release, they naturally become blind to any mistakes or errors they make in the text. 

They also suggest that the writer would naturally see in the text he or she wrote what their eyes want to see, effectively becoming unable to spot and single out flaws in the text.

The supporters of this camp argue that someone else other than the text writer should proofread and edit it, someone with an eye for detail and fresh take on the written content. 

In this context, many people advise that the help of proofreading services providers should be enlisted, particularly when it comes to important documents.

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