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Tips on academic writing - The Ultimate Proofreader

Writing an academic text, such as an essay or dissertation, requires certain rules to be observed.

I will below provide a few tips, aimed at university students, postgraduates, researchers and academics, that should hopefully help you avoid certain things when you are doing your academic or scientific paper writing.

  • 1) Languageproofreading service ukjpg
  • Avoid using colloquial English

       Original: The critic said no he cannot accept this argument, and that he would knock it down logically.

              Amended: The critic refused to accept this argument, stating that he would follow a logical approach to refute it.

               Original: This scientific paper makes sure that the phenomenon is well talked about.            Amended: This scientific paper ensure that the phenomenon is well discussed.

  • 2) Active/Passive
  • Writing your thesis, dissertation or academic journal in the active voice is much more preferred than using the passive voice. This is because it makes your copy clear to readers.

            Original: Proofreading and editing services are believed by students in the UK to be important. 

            Amended: Students in the UK believe that proofreading and editing services are important.

         Original: My essay is thought to be up to academic standard by my supervisor.

          Amended: My supervisor thinks that my essay is up to academic standard.

  • 3) Contractions
  • Do not use any contracted forms of words. Detail the words.

          Original: The author couldn’t support his argument in the dissertation

           Amended: The author could not support his argument in the dissertation

            Original: This article doesn’t highlight the importance of accurate scientific paper writing.

           Amended: This article does not highlight the importance of accurate scientific paper writing.

These are just a quick few of a long list of rules that should be followed in academic writing.

If you are not confident enough with all these rules, you had better seek the help of a professional academic proofreading services UK provider. 

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