Proofreading for Marketing & PR firms

Today’s marketing is both intense and competitive. The ‘shop window’ of marketing companies is the literature that such companies produce, most of which is now online. 

If you run a marketing company, of course you know that it is essential that you produce good and effective material for your clients.

We are aware that you have the expertise to advise your clients on marketing and public relations matters and to produce material.

But how can we help with our proofreading and editing? 

The material you produce for your clients may be read by thousands or even millions of people in all parts of the world. It is therefore worth hiring a professional proofreader, if you do not have an in-house one, for a number of reasons. 

1: Unintentional errors can easily creep into the best prepared documents. At best they can look unprofessional and at worst they can lead to confusion in meaning and possibly reduce the chances of the effectiveness of the client’s marketing policy. 

2: Although you may consider that you do not need a proofreader and that you are perfectly capable of proofreading your own document, it is a known fact that it takes another person to look at a document to recognise errors that the author may not notice. The proofreader sees the document as a potential business client sees it. 

3: The marketing field is multinational, so the English needs to be plain and clear, such as will be easily understood not only by native English speakers but also by those who have learnt the language. We can help with this.  

Your clients have a wonderful opportunity to spread their message ‘globally’; therefore, we think it is well worth investing in affordable proofreading services to allow that ‘second pair of eyes’ to read through the document which we believe can help your clients in this very competitive environment.

Proofreading for law firms

If you are an ambitious student who is looking for an undergraduate course to join, you will understandably have many worries and concerns, key of which will be how best to prepare your application to increase its chances of being accepted by your preferred university.

And if you are already enrolled on a course, you will likely be worried about how to complete your course or study successfully. 

As a specialist proofreading services provider, we assist undergraduate students from the moment they prepare and submit their application to the successful completion of their study. 

How do we help students who have not enrolled yet?

Once you have done your own research and settled on the university, or universities, you are going to approach and on the course you are interested in, our proofreaders and editors can then come in and help in many different ways: 

1.     We will help you write your very first email or letter to the university in the best English language possible by proofreading, editing and improving your language, i.e removing any errors and enhancing its readability.

2.     We will help you with carefully checking any written correspondence between you and the university to ensure your message is delivered in the most effective and clearest way.

3.     We will ensure your application or personal statement – which is a vital part of the undergraduate programme application process – is written in an enthusiastic, concise and natural way that highlights your strengths, ambitions, skills and experience.

4.     We will ensure that your entry application or personal statement is 100% free of any grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors which reflect badly on applicants, given the expectation that applicants should have an acceptable level of English.

5.     We will ensure the length and format of your entry application or personal statement is in line with the course provider’s requirements.

6.     We will proofread, edit and enhance any other written documents you are required to submit as part of your application.

7.     We will check and revise, for language, any further written communication between you and your chosen university. 

How do we help students who have been offered a place?


Once you have been accepted for an undergraduate course and offered a place at university, we will be there by your side to assist in many other ways:

1.     We will proofread and edit any written communication between you and the university whether regarding your application for accommodation, visa or any other requirements. We ensure your language is precise, clear and understandable.

2.     We will support you with bespoke proofreading services for all essays, term papers, literature reviews, final-year dissertation or any other academic research papers you are required to draft and submit as part of your undergraduate course or programme. Our proofreading services are graded so that you can pick and choose the most suitable for you.

3.     If you need to cite from other sources of literature and are worried about the risk of plagiarism, we can also help you with our paraphrasing services which are performed by professional and academic writers.

4.     We will be happy to answer any question you may have in relation to the use of language in academic writing.

Proofreading for translation companies

Although we do not offer translation services, we are able to help translation companies in that we can professionally proofread and copy-edit text which has been translated into English from another language.

As a translation service provider you may be thinking, ‘Why should there be a need to submit a piece of work for proofreading or copy-editing when we have translated it accurately and clearly?’ We do not, of course, call into question the accuracy and clarity of the translations, and we certainly respect the professionalism of translation companies.

Nevertheless, it is true that any text, whether it be original or translated always benefits from being proofread. It is a known fact that when someone reads his or her own original work or translated have translated, what that person actually ‘sees’ is what is in his or her mind, and not what is printed on the page.

Furthermore, a translation company may well ask us ‘How can you proofread a translated document when you have not seen it in the original language?’ Our reply would be that we are not checking the translation, but we are checking the English text as it stands alone.

There are many benefits in using our proofreading services for professional translators. These include:

(1)   Our proofreaders see the document as the intended reader sees it because we are reading it for the first time. Although it has been translated, we see it as though it was originally written in English. 


(2)   However well a document has been translated and however clear the English may be, it is always wise to have a second pair of eyes to look through it. Therefore, the proofreader may find some text that ‘doesn’t look quite look right’, although it has been translated accurately.

(3)   We can also check the translated document for a consistent style. We believe this to be a good idea, particularly where idioms in another language have been translated into English.



Who are we?

The Ultimate Proofreader is a professional academic editing and proofreading services provider  based in the UK. 

Over the years, we have helped a huge number of clients, including undergraduates, postgraduates, professors, companies and universities in the UK and across the world with editing and proofreading services of the highest quality for dissertations, essays, journalsscientific papers, reports, website content and other types of written copy.

We have clients from universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Leeds, the University of Reading, the University of Sheffield, the University of New York, Utrecht University, and University of London, as well as many others.

We strongly believe in our name, so we strive to provide immaculate academic editing and proofreading services of a quality and standard that can hardly be matched by any other service provider.

We have come to exist and thrive, fully aware that if we do not deliver high-quality services, we would not stand an opportunity in this highly competitive English proofreading services market.

For this reason, delivering editing and proofreading services of an excellent quality has been our first guiding principle.

Our second guiding principle is affordability. We are equally aware that if the services that we deliver to clients in the UK and abroad are highly priced, we would be beaten by others.

So, we have been determined to provide outstanding, yet affordable and reasonably priced, proofreading services. 

We have therefore priced our service offering in a way that would make them accessible to everyone.

The third guiding principle we have been working to is delivering our services in a timely fashion. Although we try our best to complete assignments within fast turnaround times, we never give priority to speed over quality.

For us, priority always comes first. Unlike other providers, our proofreaders and editors may spend one or even two hours on a single page to correct, improve and clarify the text. We do not work on an hourly basis; we give every document we receive all the time and care it needs, no matter how much time or effort is needed. Our ultimate goal is to produce a text that is proofread or edited to a high academic standard that would help the student or the academic.

Having said that, we still strive to meet orders with tight deadlines by making sure that we have proofreaders and editors available 24/7, ready to step in when needed.

The Ultimate Proofreader prides itself on having a very experienced team of proofreaders and editors who help us deliver those unique proofreading services to our clients.

We are also a very friendly service provider, and are always happy to interact with our clients, whether before, during or after the completion of their assignments.

We also believe that our task goes beyond the mere improvement of the language and style of writing to an informative, insightful educational service to academics and students. We have created a blog on our website that is purely dedicated to useful language-related matters.

We can be reached by email ( or by phone (07717750188), around-the-clock.