All you need to know about Proofreading services & Editing Services & Paraphrasing Services


Q- Where is the Ultimate Proofreader based?

A- We operate from the UK, but our network of proofreaders and editors span different countries and continents.

Q- What academic services do you provide?

A- We provide four main categories of services. Three of them are focused on language correction and improvement and the fourth is a rewriting/paraphrasing service. For more details of each, please visit the relevant page on our website.

1. Academic Proofreading Service  

2. Academic Editing Service

3. Substantive Copy-editing Service

4. Rewriting or Paraphrasing Service

Q- What are the turnaround times for the proofreading, editing and rewriting services?

A- Our approximate delivery times are detailed below, but get in touch with us for more specific turnaround times.

1) Proofreading and editing services  

Up 12,000 words (within 24 hours)

20,000 words (within 48 hours)

2) Rewriting & Paraphrasing Service 

Up to 2,000 words (within 24 hours)

3,000 words (within 36 hours)

5,000 words (within 72 hours)

For any longer assignments or express delivery, please get in touch with us for an exact quote and turnaround times.

Q- Is it easy to pay for the services?

A- It is quite easy and straightforward to pay for our services. The safest method of payment for us and for you too is Paypal. However, if you prefer, you can pay us via bank transfer.

Q- Are your proofreaders and copy-editors native speakers?

A- We only employ highly qualified native speaker proofreaders and copy-editors with many years' experience, subject knowledge and relevant background.  

Q- How confidential is your service?

A- We apply strict confidentiality rules. Rest assured your document is absolutely secure and confidential during the proofreading, editing or rewriting process. Only the task manager and the proofreader, editor or rewriter will have access to you document.

Once sent back to you and you are happy with it, we will immediately remove your document from our systems.

Q- Why should I choose your service?

A- We offer you genuinely top-quality editing and proofreading services at cost-effective and competitive rates. Our services are done by the UK's best proofreaders, editors and rewriters.

All our clients are 100% happy with our services and achieve high scores.

We can also do a sample of your document so that you can test our quality without any obligation whatsoever.