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Students & Academics

We provide the UK's most in-depth and comprehensive proofreading services for MA & PhD students, researchers and academics.
Get your dissertation, thesis, essay, journal article, or research proposal substantively proofread and edited by specialist academic editors.

Spelling, punctuation & grammar

Subject-verb agreement, tenses, finite verbs in sentences, use of preposition
Consistency of spelling (e.g. British, American, Australian, Canadian etc.) Use of full stops, commas, colons, semi-colons and question marks

Word choice & Sentence structure

Using more formal and more concise academic terminology

Removing colloquialisms & non-academic words
Restructuring sentences as appropriate to improve formation & structure

Flow, readability & clarity

Ensuring that the text flows well, and is clear and comprehensible
Providing Editor's Comments where your text is unclear, contradictory or ambiguous
 Suggesting alternatives and improvements where needed
  • Native English editors
  • 24/7 service
  • Secure and confidential
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free sample & instant quote
  • 10% discount on first order

Academic Expertise

All our editors and proofreaders are native English speakers with at least 20 years' experience in proofreading and copy-editing academic manuscripts, journal articles, books, and reports. Our editors are hand-picked and hold high and relevant qualifications from Harvard, Cambrdige and Oxford universities. We DO NOT use machine-based proofreading tools or software.

Fair Pricing, Secure Payment

Our prices are fair and transparent. We do not charge any hidden fees or surcharge, even during peak seasons. We also offer a 10% discount to all first-time clients.
We provide an express editing & proofreading service – subject to editor availability. For exact turnaround times and pricing, email us. We only use secure payment methods.

Confidential, Safe service

We take client confidentiality very seriously.
Once we have proofread or copy-edited your paper and delivered it to you, we will delete it from our systems altogether.
To ensure extra confidenitality, during the proofreading or editing process, your paper is only accessible by the case manager and the editor in charge.

Increase the chances of publishing your journal article

Our bespoke and personalised proofreading services for peer-reviewed journal articles are completely rigorous and are specifically designed to help you get your article published by:
1) Correcting SPAG errors;
2) Carefully checking your English language usage;
3) Improving your vocabulary and style;
4) Editing and proofreading your article in line with your publisher's guidelines.
5) Polishing your language up to a native speaker level if you are an ESL author.
We have assisted many clients get their journal articles successfully published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature, Science the Journal of Finance and the Lancet.

Rewrite/Paraphrase quoted material to perfection

In addition to our essay/dissertation proofreading and editing services, we provide a professional academic rewriting and paraphrasing service. This service is provided to students and academics who need to cite from other sources of literature but require their text to be re-worded to avoid plagiarism - which is an extremely serious offence in academia.Our rewriting service is delivered by highly-qualified and skilled paraphrasers and rewriters who will expertly and professionally re-word your text using a different structure, different words and different style while keeping the original meaning intact. Need help with paraphrasing? Drop us a line.

Fix SPAG errors, broken narrative in your book

Whether you are an experienced author or have just embarked on a writer career, we have the right editorial help for you. Our team of dedicated proofreaders and copy-editors will correct any typographical, grammatical or punctuation mistakes, as well as examine your draft - from a critical lens - for broken narrative, inconsistency, structural gaps, contradiction or wordiness.
All our book editors and proofreaders are extremely thorough and have a great eye for the minutest detail. We provide three levels of proofreading and editing services for book authors, script writers and playwrights – all reasonably and affordably priced.
Want to know how we can help you get your book published error-free? Get in touch with us and request a free sample.

Improve your business message with our customisable proofreading services UK

Our proofreading and editing services for businesses and companies are geared towards ensuring your written communication - whether it is a letter, press release, report, or website content - is well-written and grammatically correct. With the ever growing competition in the business world, it is essential for your website content, blog or annual report to be carefully proofread and edited.
We serve marketing and PR companies, translation offices, law firms, universities, institutions and organisations - in the UK and around the world - with three levels of proofreading and editing services.

Give your CV the proofread and edit it needs

If you are looking for a job and would like to submit your CV and cover letter for consideration, it is quite important to get them revised and checked by a professional proofreader first.
Our editing and proofreading services will make your CV and cover letter shine and have the greatest impression on your prospective employers.
1) Professional Proofreading Service
2) Professional Editing Service
3) Professional Substantive Copy-editing Service

The best quality assurance in UK proofreading & editing sector

1) Manual from start to finish
Machine-based proofreading and copy-editing services cannot replace human proofreaders and editors. All our text proofreading, editing and paraphrasing work is done manually from start to finish to ensure high quality service.
We will thoroughly and professionally correct and improve your text, both semantically and syntactically.
Our high-calibre English proofreaders and editors bring not only many years of experience in editing andproofreading services, but also academic knowledge, information, background, and - above all - a keen eye for detail.
2) Double-reviewed
Once your document has been proofread or edited, itis then assigned to a second-layer reviewer who peruses it to fix any errorsthat may still lurk in the copy and was not detected and spotted by the firstcopy-editor. This stage is aimed at providing an extra layer of scrutiny andquality assurance for our customers.
3) Track-changed/Marked-up Copy
We provide a track-changed (marked-up) copy of yourmanuscript, in addition to a clean, finalised copy ready for immediate use. The track-changed version shows you which mistakes the editor or proofreader corrected, what amendments they made, and what improvements and suggestionsthey introduced. The track-changes option gives our proofreaders andeditors an opportunity to ask you questions or leave comments if they comeacross anything that is unclear, contradictory or does not make sense in your text.
All your questions answered

Q - Where is the Ultimate Proofreader based?

A - We are based in the UK.

Q - What academic services do you provide?

A - We provide four main services: academic proofreading services; academic editing services; and academic rewriting services; and English text reduction services.

Q - What are the turnaround times for the proofreading services & editing services & rewriting services?

A - Our average delivery times are detailed below, but get in touch with us for more specific turnaround times.

1) Proofreading & Editing services

Up 12,000 words (within 24 hours)

20,000 words (within 48 hours)

2) Rewriting & Paraphrasing Services

Up to 3,000 words (within 24 hours)

4,000 words (within 36 hours)

6,000 words (within 72 hours)

For any longer assignments or express service, please get in touch with us for an exact quote and turnaround times.

Q - How easy is it to pay for the services?

A - It is quite easy and straightforward to pay for our services. The safest method of payment for us and for our clients is Paypal. However, if you prefer, you can pay us via bank transfer.

Q - Are your proofreaders and copy-editors native speakers?

A - We only employ highly qualified native speaker proofreaders, copy-editors and paraphrasers with many years' experience, academic knowledge and relevant background. All of our editors and proofreaders are native speakers of English with MA and PhD qualifications.  

Q- How confidential is your service?

A - We apply a strict confidentiality policy to ensure your document remains secure from the moment you send it to us until we have sent it back to you. Only the operational manager and the proofreader, editor or rewriter will have access to your document. Once sent back to you and you are happy with it, we will remove your manuscript from our systems.

Q - Why should I choose your service?

A - Unlike other bogus essay and thesis proofreading services providers, we offer genuine top-quality editing and proofreading services at cost-efficient and absolutely reasonable prices. So, we basically give you a much better quality at a lower cost. Additionally, we have the UK's best proofreaders, editors and rewriters. We constantly achieve 99.9% customer satisfaction. We can also do a sample of your document so that you can test our quality without any obligation whatsoever. Our services are also personalised to suit your own individual needs and requirements.

Q - Do you write dissertations/theses or essays?
A - We are a specialist academic proofreading services UK-based provider. We proofread, edit and improve essays, dissertations, journals and other scientific and academic papers, but we DO NOT write dissertations, theses or essays. We usually advise that you - as student or academic - should write your own dissertation/thesis or manuscript and then get it professionally edited and proofread. This is much safer than using a paid third-party company to write the academic manuscript for you.
Q-Do you use proofreading or editing software or tools? 
A- No. We do not use any tools or software for proofreading or editing, or for any of our services. We use human editors, real academic language experts and do all our work - from start to finish - manually to ensure high quality and accuracy.
Q - Do you have editors and proofreaders with expertise in scientific subjects and other fields?
A - Yes, we have subject-expert proofreaders and copy-editors. We have edited and proofread thousands of dissertations, essays and journals in various scientific and non-scientific disciplines.
Q - Do you charge for reviewing a second draft of my paper if my supervisor asked me to make changes?
A - If the changes introduced in the dissertation or essay are minor, we do not charge you again. However, if your supervisor requested radical changes that involve deleting and adding new sections to your paper, we will charge you only for the new added parts.  
Q - What if my supervisor is not satisfied with my paper and asks for additional proofreading and editing?
A - If your supervisor is not entirely happy with a manuscript that we have edited and proofread for you, we will review it again for you at no cost. But any specific comments from your supervisor will help us to know where the problem is and fix it.
Q - Do you check for plagiarism in my thesis/essay/dissertation as part of your intensive proofreading services?
A - The in-depth dissertation proofreading service we provide does not include checking plagiarism.
Students usually use Turnitin to check the similarity rate before sending us the final draft of their essay, journal or dissertation for copy-editing.
Q - What if similarity is too high in my literature review?
A - If there is a high similarity rate (plagiarism) in the literature review section of your thesis, we do offer a professional paraphrasing service UK-based, in which we rewrite the parts with a high similarity rate professionally so that your paper can pass through the plagiarism detection software successfully.
Q - Are your prices inclusive of VAT?
A - All our quoted prices are inclusive of VAT. You will not need to pay any hidden or extra fees. Our pricing policy is fair and transparent.
Q - Will your proofreader & editor implement the language-related changes he or she suggests in the copy or do they just highlight them and expect me to do implement them?
A - All changes, amendments and improvements required in your dissertation/dissertation, journal or essay will be introduced and implemented by the editor.
Q- Do you provide any other academic services for PhD or MA students?
A- We provide an academic text shortening service. Students often have to stick to a certain word count in their academic papers. If you have overshot the required length in your paper and you need to reduce your word count, this professional service will be of the greatest help.
Q- Do you offer after-sale support?
A- We continue to support our clients during and after the completion of their order. As a professional service provider, we take our job seriously and if you need any further assistance after you have received your paper, we are here to help. Our job ends when you are completely happy and satisfied with our service.

Q- How many clients have you served so far?

A- Since our launch in 2005, we have edited and proofread over 20,000 dissertations and theses and 30,000 essays and journals.

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