* How it works*


We try to make things as easy and as simple as possible to our clients.   

1) Sending

So, if you have an essay, dissertation, report, article or book and would like to place an order for any of our proofreading services, editing or paraphrasing services, please follow the following steps.

  • 1) Send us the document by email to info@ultimateproofreader.co.uk, or through the form available on the website.

  • 2) Specify in your email your preferred deadline

  • 3) Specify your preferred reference style

  • 4) If you have any specific requirements or instructions, please highlight them in your email

2) Confirmation 

Within two hours or less, we will get back to you with:

  • 1) Confirmation of receipt and availability

  • 2) Delivery details

  • 3) Payment details (we accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer)

Once payment has been made, the job will be assigned to an editor or a paraphraser, as relevant.

3) Delivery 

You will get your document proofread or rewritten back from us by the agreed deadline by email.

You will receive the document in two copies: one with changes marked to show you what has been changed by the editor, and another clean final version that is ready for immediate use and submission.



Who are we?

The Ultimate Proofreader is a professional academic editing and proofreading services provider  based in the UK. 

Over the years, we have helped a huge number of clients, including undergraduates, postgraduates, professors, companies and universities in the UK and across the world with editing and proofreading services of the highest quality for dissertations, essays, journalsscientific papers, reports, website content and other types of written copy.

We have clients from universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Leeds, the University of Reading, the University of Sheffield, the University of New York, Utrecht University, and University of London, as well as many others.

We strongly believe in our name, so we strive to provide immaculate academic editing and proofreading services of a quality and standard that can hardly be matched by any other service provider.

We have come to exist and thrive, fully aware that if we do not deliver high-quality services, we would not stand an opportunity in this highly competitive English proofreading services market.

For this reason, delivering editing and proofreading services of an excellent quality has been our first guiding principle.

Our second guiding principle is affordability. We are equally aware that if the services that we deliver to clients in the UK and abroad are highly priced, we would be beaten by others.

So, we have been determined to provide outstanding, yet affordable and reasonably priced, proofreading services. 

We have therefore priced our service offering in a way that would make them accessible to everyone.

The third guiding principle we have been working to is delivering our services in a timely fashion. Although we try our best to complete assignments within fast turnaround times, we never give priority to speed over quality.

For us, priority always comes first. Unlike other providers, our proofreaders and editors may spend one or even two hours on a single page to correct, improve and clarify the text. We do not work on an hourly basis; we give every document we receive all the time and care it needs, no matter how much time or effort is needed. Our ultimate goal is to produce a text that is proofread or edited to a high academic standard that would help the student or the academic.

Having said that, we still strive to meet orders with tight deadlines by making sure that we have proofreaders and editors available 24/7, ready to step in when needed.

The Ultimate Proofreader prides itself on having a very experienced team of proofreaders and editors who help us deliver those unique proofreading services to our clients.

We are also a very friendly service provider, and are always happy to interact with our clients, whether before, during or after the completion of their assignments.

We also believe that our task goes beyond the mere improvement of the language and style of writing to an informative, insightful educational service to academics and students. We have created a blog on our website that is purely dedicated to useful language-related matters.

We can be reached by email (info@ultimateproofreader.co.uk) or by phone (07717750188), around-the-clock.