Why proofreading matters?

You may be well experienced in writing documents of all kinds. You may rarely, if ever, make a spelling mistake and may have a comprehensive knowledge of grammar.

Such abilities are to be applauded. You may already know that when you prepare a document yourself, what you actually ‘see’ is what is in your mind rather than what is on the paper, so you know how carefully you need to read it again two or three times.

Despite all these excellent qualities, mistakes can still be made. You may well be a business person under pressure or a student rushing to complete your thesis on time, and do not have enough time to read through your document after completion. It is when you are in a rush and under pressure that errors occur, even by people who are highly-qualified both linguistically and in subject knowledge. 

It is important, in any literature, that you communicate your thoughts in the best possible way, in order that your readers may clearly see and understand what you are trying to convey. Once again, you may be under the pressure of a deadline and may simply not have the time to look at your document again in order to think of other ways of writing it in a better way. 

You may be a very small company on a shoestring budget, without a sufficient number of staff to proofread documents in-house. You may think that you cannot afford to pay a proofreader. However, maybe you should ask yourself, “Can I afford not to employ a proofreader or proofreading service?” If your document, whether it be long or short, contains many errors, it will give a bad impression of your company and make it look unprofessional. This is not likely to give you success in business. 

You may be thinking that proofreading and editing are vital if you are writing a book, submitting a thesis or a very important business document, which is of course true. However, you may think there is absolutely no necessity that a small document, such as a leaflet or a flyer or even a short notice on the office notice board needs to be proofread. These short documents and notices can contain errors in the same way as can a 1000-page novel, errors which give the impression of a lack of professional standard. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to get your document proofread, whether it is large or small.

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