Academic Criticism Service

As part of our package of proofreading services to students and academics, we – at the Ultimate Proofreader - provide a unique essay, thesis and dissertation criticism service. 

This Academic Criticism service provides a thorough assessment of your academic paper, in terms of: 

  • How coherent your dissertation or thesis is? 
  • Is there any discrepancy anywhere in your paper? 
  • Is there any contradiction or paradoxical arguments in your manuscript? 
  • Does your thesis or essay make sense overall or there are areas which are not intelligible? 
  • Is your dissertation or essay clear and understandable throughout? 

What is and isn't included in this Dissertation & Essay criticism service

Our academic assessors will strive to answer aforesaid questions in their assessment of your academic manuscript. We will provide you with a full critical report.

One thing we need to clarify: we do not check facts, nor do we claim our  academic critics who perform this service have specific and specialist knowledge about your specific subject of study or theme. 

However, our academic critics will assess your dissertation or essay from the point of view of an experienced academic who can spot problems in the writing of any academic manuscript, be it an essay, a thesis, or a dissertation.

These problems can be: lack of clarity, incoherence, broken narrative, repetition, lack of sourcing, among several other problems that could plague your dissertation and thesis. 

One other aspect we need to point out that this Academic Criticism service does not include proofreading or editing.  

To explain further, if you have written a dissertation or thesis and before you submit to your supervisor or tutor you would like to get an expert academic view as to whether it has any obvious or hidden problems in terms of writing so that you can fix them before submitting, this is exactly where this Academic Criticism service will be of help to you. 

If, however, you want us to help you with fixing those problems with our proofreading and editing services, we will be happy to help you. However, anything related to content will need to be fixed by you as the writer and author of the paper. 

We can help you ensure you submit a clearly written and understandable dissertation, essay or thesis to your supervisor.

The academic text criticism service is part of our wide range of doctoral and master thesis proofreading & copy-editing services.

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