In-depth Essay Editing Service

In this in-depth proofreading service, our team of academic essay specialist editors and proofreaders will go beyond traditional proofreading requirements to ensure that your academic paper is edited to an exceptionally high standard whilst complying with the particular requirements of your supervisor or professor.

At the Ultimate Proofreader, we have provided hundreds of students with in-depth essay proofreading services that have ensured their work is error-free, concise, coherent, clear, and focused.

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling

The first thing we do in our in-depth essay editing service is scrutinise your work, word by word, line by line, to identify and correct any typographical errors (extra letters, incorrect spacing between words, additional full stops) that may have crept into your work. 

We will also check to ensure consistency in the use of fonts, line spacing, italics, bold type, and headings/sub-headings (such as numbering, underlining). 

Let’s now explain in detail how our in-depth essay editing service will provide you with an intensively edited academic manuscript.

Any piece of academic work you submit will be expected to be free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. This where we can help. Our subject-specialist native speaker essay proofreaders and editors will check your document thoroughly to identify and correct any errors of spelling that Word may not or cannot pick up on (such as “form” instead of “from”), errors of punctuation, and grammatical errors (such as using singular rather than plural expressions, the correct use of its/it’s). 

We find this service is especially useful to those whose native language is not English and who may be unfamiliar with some of the grammatical conventions used (and indeed the many exceptions!). We will also ensure there is consistency throughout in the use of either American or UK spellings. 

Clarity, flow, and precision

As part of our specialist editing and proofreading services, our team of editors will improve the clarity, flow, and precisionof your work. 

This includes:

1)   Refining the use of language so that it is appropriate to an academic paper and avoids the use of slang/colloquialisms.

2)   Removing any superfluous, redundant, or unnecessary words or phrases that add to your word count.

3)   Identifying any phrases or sentences that have been inadvertently repeated

4)   Ensuring the referencing style has been adhered to correctly and consistently throughout. 


Our team of specialist proofreaders and editors will also enhance the style of your essay by making alterations and suggestions in relation to

:1)   Alternative forms of punctuation that enable you to structure your sentences so that they organise and express your ideas more clearly, e.g., the oft-overlooked use of semi-colons and colons.

2)   Using alternative, more dynamic words in place of bland, commonplace, or overused words (e.g., “exhibits”, “illustrates”, “demonstrates”, rather than “shows”)

3)   Ensuring the correct use of tenses throughout. We find this is especially useful for those whose native language is not English.

4)   Rephrasing and/or shortening complex sentences so that your ideas are expressed much more clearly.   


As a key feature of our intensive editing services we will focus closely on improving thestructure of your essay in the following ways:

1)   Reordering some sentences/paragraphs so that they tell a more logical story.

2)   Adding sentences/phrases that link sections or paragraphs together. This further enhances the logical flow of your essay.

3)   The addition of well-chosen words that can help link one sentence to the next, such as “however”, “nevertheless, “moreover”, and “furthermore”.

4)   Identifying and highlighting any sections of the work whose meaning is unclear.  

5) Adjusting topic sentences and signposts to make the ideas and argument clearer to the reader. You need to get your topic sentence because this will help you transition from one paragraph to another seamlessly which will help your reader understand and anticipate what they are going to read about in the next paragraph. 

Signposts or sub-headings are utterly important in academic essay writing because they prepare your reader to a change in the line of argument or basically introduce a sub-theme. 


Virtually all academic work is required to be of a certain length; which means adhering to a specified maximum word count. This can sometimes be very challenging  Our team of specialist editors will therefore help reduce your work so that it falls within the required limits. Often this is achieved by removing redundant or repeated information/words and tightening the use of grammar.

Sometimes, however, it will also involve combining and condensing key ideas and information, and replacing lengthy phrases with just one or two key words that convey the same meaning.  Students often feel this is one of the most valuable services offered by our specialist editors and proofreaders.

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