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Ultimate Proofreader is the UK's leading provider of in-depth, thorough and comprehensive English language proofreading services.

We specialise in proofreading and editing academic papers, including essays, dissertations, theses, scholarly and scientific journals, term papers, critiques and more.

Our academic proofreaders and editors are British and American native English speakers who are subject-matter experts, published authors and industry-renowned linguists.

As former lecturers and professors as well as PhD holders themselves, our editors and proofreaders are fully aware of academic writing requirements, in terms of language, style, expressions, coherence and terminology, among others.

With many years of practical and hands-on experience and specialism, they have proofread, revised, edited and improved over 30,000 academic manuscripts - written in British, American and Australian English variants.

We provide three customised, cost-efficient  academic English editing and proofreading services, expertly and professionally tailored to the different individual needs and budgets of both native and non-native undergraduates, Master's or PhD students, researchers, lecturers and professors.

While our main clients are students and academics, we also provide bespoke and unique proofreading services to colleges, universities, companies, businesses, book authors, publishers and ordinary individuals.


The Ultimate Proofreader is a leading UK-based provider of English language proofreading services. We serve students, academics, researchers, authors, professionals and businesses. All our proofreaders and editors are native English speakers with many years' experience. We a 10% discount for first-time clients and a free sample, with an instant personalised quote.