Editor's notes


With every academic editing or paraphrasing service assignment with send to our clients, we send Editor’s Notes, which are comments and observations from the editor or rewriter who handled the assignment.

All our clients find these notes completely helpful and insightful. Why these notes matter?

Because, in these notes, our proofreaders and editors will bring to the writer’s attention:

  • Any oddities or contradictions in the essay, dissertation, or journal article
  • Any points of weakness in the argument or organisation of ideas
  • Any inconsistency, whether in terms of language use or argument
  • Any redundancies or repetition
  • Any lack of clarity, whether in language use or ideas
  • Anything that simply does not make sense and needs the writer’s review
  • Any different spelling of names of the same author or references

These notes are provided with our English proofreading services & editing services.