CV proofreading

CV proofreading 

CV and cover letter are two important documents that play a crucial role in one’s endeavours to win an employment opportunity..

A CV basically showcases one’s unique skills, experience and qualifications, practical and educational. A cover letter more or less serves as a sales pitch which needs to be written properly in order to attract the attention of your prospective employer.

This is where specialist CV proofreading services come in. Even if you are a great writer and are excellent at organising your CV, yet having a professional proofreader or editor examine your CV and cover is indispensable.

Why? Because a specialist CV proofreader/editor will look at your CV or cover letter from a neutral point of view, essentially through the lenses of your potential employer. This is one of the most essential benefits of CV proofreading services whereby any weaknesses or gaps in your CV or cover letter are handled and fixed and whereby strengths will be made prominent and highlighted and not buried between the lines.

So, how about if you were not a great writer? Would you be in greater need of CV proofreading services? Yes, definitely.

Let’s see why with clear and specific examples.

Look at this example from a letter which shows how one typo can change the meaning of an entire sentence. You intend to type: ‘Regarding your request to obtain a reference from my present employer, I will now do that.’; but with a typo (‘t’ instead of ‘w’) and the sentence reads: ‘Regarding your request to enclose a reference from my present employer, I will not do that.’ Your prospective employer would not be impressed! 

A good proofreader or editing service provider will spot this and draw your attention to it. This example shows that with your own work, you ‘see’ what is in your mind, and not what is printed on the paper. So when you are applying for a job, getting your CV or cover letter professionally proofread, is a wise and important step.

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