Business Proofreading Services

Get your text scrutinised by expert English editors for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Efficient proofreading services for businesses, organisations, and institutions in the UK and abroad. Email us today!


Proofreading Services for Companies/Organisations

The Ultimate Proofreader is a world-class provider of business proofreading services. 

We serve businesses and companies of all types and sizes with bespoke and unique language correction and improvement services.
In this proofreading service, our specialist business proofreaders will examine your report, press release, promotional material, website information, or any other content to identify and fix any errors related to grammar, punctuation, or spelling.
Do you need your text to be thoroughly edited and significantly improved? We also offer a more advanced business proofreading and editing service.

Professional Business Proofreaders

We employ only specialist proofreaders and editors with long experience in their areas of specialisation. We do not use any AI or tools in any of our services.

We proofread:

  1. Annual reports
  2. Press releases
  3. Website content
  4.  Newsletters
  5. Magazines
  6. Blogs
  7. Speeches and presentations
  8. Social media content

1. Grammar check

We check every aspect of grammar. We frequently come across errors in the following areas of grammar: subject-verb agreement, use of conjunctions and conjunctive verbs, use of tenses, use of modifiers, possessive adjectives and pronouns and split infinitives.

2. Spelling check

We come across spelling errors of different types. They can be words that are spelt incorrectly, or typos. We often see names (of people or of places) spelt incorrectly. There is often confusion between American and British English. It is not a matter of one being right and the other being wrong, but rather a matter of consistency. We check for this. 

3. Punctuation check

The many punctuation marks can cause confusion, so that people ask ‘Do we really need them?’ They certainly are needed, as if they are omitted or used wrongly, they can change the meaning or make the text difficult to read. The correct use of the comma tends to be a matter of personal preference or even of fashion, but our experienced business proofreaders know how to make the best use of commas. There can be confusion between colons and semi-colons, but each has a specific use. Quotation marks can be double or single, but we check for consistency with these. We frequently see errors in the use of the apostrophe, but we also check for such errors.