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The Ultimate Proofreader is a leading UK-based provider of in-depth and substantive journal article editing services.
We help academic authors in the UK, the US, China and other countries across the globe to get their journal papers accepted and successfully published in peer-reviewed journals.
Whether you are a native or non-native author, our
academic journal editors will offer you the right editorial assistance up until your article has been published.
We have helped a large number of researchers, academics, scientists and scholars get their academic manuscripts published in world-renowned and reputable academic journals, including Nature, the Journal of Finance and the Lancet - thanks to our unique academic article proofreading and editing.

Our promise

Substantive editing

We will correct your grammar, punctuation and spelling, improve your sentence structure, and enhance clarity, style and academic tone in your paper.

Affordable prices

Our journal article editing and proofreading services are very reasonably priced and delivered within reasonably fast turnaround times

Expert editors

Our journal articles editors are specialist linguists who know exactly what to do with a journal article to get it published.



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