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Get your thesis/dissertation proofread substantively by certified English language editors

Improve your dissertation 100%

The Ultimate Proofreader is the UK's leading provider of in-depth thesis and dissertation proofreading services. 

We examine dissertations both semantically and syntactically. We not only correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, but also improve 1) academic word choice, 2) sentence structure/formation, 3) overall readability, clarity and flow of language, and 4) check the manuscript for style, structure, and referencing.
We ensure the dissertation is written clearly, concisely and coherently – and is formatted as per university instructions (in terms of table of contents, font size,  headings/sub-headings, etc.).

To ensure top-notch quality, any dissertation or thesis we proofread or edit is checked by a proofreader and two editors. Once the initial proofread has been completed, the paper gets assigned to two editors for a final review.

We serve students studying for their MA & PhD degrees at UK, US, Chinese and other universities around the world. Our academic client base also includes professors, universities, and scientific institutions

We are trusted by thousands of students and academics, thanks to our:

  • Top service quality 
  • Affordable prices
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer service

Specialist proofreaders

Our dissertation proofreaders/editors are highly experienced academics, including university professors, with a minimum of 15 years' experience in editing and proofreading academic manuscripts. We recruit only editors with specialist knowledge and expertise.

We use only human editors and proofreaders – we do not use robots, software or AI tools in our work.

Affordable prices

Our thesis proofreading services are very affordable, and start from £10.50 per 1,000 words.

We also offer exclusive discounts to first-time clients (conditions apply).

For a quick quote, contact us by email or via WhatsApp. Our prices are completely transparent – we do not charge any hidden fees.

Confidential service

A dissertation is a confidential academic piece of  work, so we have a robust system in place to ensure it remains secure and confidential 100% from the moment we receive it until it is delivered to the client.

Upon delivery, we remove the manuscript from our systems altogether. We do not hold any copies of the theses or dissertations we proofread or edit.

24/7 service

We are available 24/7 throughout the year – including on weekends and public holidays. If you have any queries or need any assistance, just drop us a line. We are always there, very happy to help.

Over 90% of our new clients come through direct recommendations and word of mouth.

Easy to order

Send: Send your dissertation/thesis by email (preferred) or via the website form with all instructions, including: British or American English, referencing style (if applicable), and your preferred deadline. If you want some parts of your manuscript not to be checked, just highlight it in a different colour so that our editor leaves it alone.

Pay: Pay for your order through a safe payment link via PayPal. Do not have a PayPal account? Do not worry, you do not need an account to be able to make the payment. You can simply use your debit or credit card to complete the payment via the PayPal link.

Receive: Get your paper back fully edited and proofread, in two copies: a track-changed version and a clean copy ready for immediate use. Quite often, our editors leave useful annotations and questions inside the manuscript. 

How we help you

While marking your thesis, your assessors allocate a certain number of marks to language. If your academic language is poor, you will lose those important marks. 

This is where we come in. We will help you save every mark allocated to language by ensuring your dissertation paper is free of typos, grammatical errors and mispunctuation, and is also drafted in solid academic English and academic writing style. As part of our in-depth dissertation proofreading services, our editors will ensure:

  • Your English is academically sound

  • Your tenses are used correctly throughout your PhD or MA thesis

  • Your ideas and arguments are clear

  • Your manuscript is coherent, concise

  • Your in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and bibliography are written as per the style guidelines required by your university (APA, Harvard, Chicago, OSCOLA, etc.)

Why proofread your dissertation in depth?

We firmly believe that shallow and superficial proofreading is not the answer. A close edit is always required to  fix more fundamental problems in the academic text. For this reason, we edit papers in real depth in order to:

  • Enhance your sentence formation
  • Adjust your tone to be formal, academic and appropriate, depending on the type of your academic writing
  • Enrich your academic terminology/vocabulary and remove colloquial, inappropriate and informal expressions
  • Rephrase/restructure any awkward or poorly structured sentences
  • Correct in-text citations, bibliography, depending on your referencing style – whether APA, Harvard, Chicago, or any other reference style
  • Remove any ambiguity, inconsistency, contradiction, incoherence, biased and skewed language, broken narrative, wordiness, or unnecessary repetition
  • Correct any wrong use of first person or third person pronoun according to academic convention
  • Leave you useful comments.

Publish your article in a prestigious journal

A large number of journal articles are rejected by publishers because of poor and substandard language.

Our specialist journal article editing services are completely rigorous and are specifically designed to give your paper the best chance of being published.

We do the following:

1) Correct any basic errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling;

2) Improve academic word choice and writing style;

3) Remove repetition or wordiness and reinforce clarity and coherence in text;

4) Edit, proofread and format your article in line with your publisher's guidelines;

We have helped hundreds of clients get their articles published in top peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature and the Lancet. 

Contact us today.

Give your book the final polish it needs

We provide authors and scriptwriters with a range of book proofreading and editing services.

Whether you need a final, quick look at your draft before publication or a more in-depth revision of your storyline, narrative and writing style , we are here to help.

If you are a first-time client, you can email us up to 150 words of your text and we will do that as a free sample to show you exactly what we do.

Achieve a better business image

Any business produces written content, whether website content, a press release, an internal report or publicity material. The quality of writing in this content has a direct impact on your image as a business. 

Poor and sloppy English will reflect badly on your image. By contrast, robust and cleverly crafted content in English will create very strong and positive impressions about your businesses.

We also provide corporate editing and proofreading services to businesses, including marketing & PR companies, translation providers, and law firms.

Paraphrase manually and professionally

As an MA or PhD student, you need to cite from other sources of literature and this requires a professional paraphrase to avoid plagiarism – a serious academic offence

This is what we exactly do.

Our manual paraphrasing service is delivered by highly-qualified and skilled paraphrasers and text rewriters who will expertly and professionally rewrite and paraphrase your original text using a different structure, wording and style while keeping your original intended meaning intact. 

Need help with paraphrasing a document? Drop us a line.

Quality Assurance

1) Manual from start to finish

Copy-editing or proofreading a dissertation, thesis or essay – or indeed any other type of manuscript – requires a unique skill, given the nuances and subtleties in the English language usage. We do all our proofreading, editing and paraphrasing work manually from start to finish.

2) Double-reviewed

Once you have placed your order with us, we allocate your paper to a specialist proofreader. After the first proofreader has completed their work, we pass the document on to a second and third editor for a thorough final review and check.

3) Tracking changes

We provide a track-changed copy of your thesis/dissertation, in addition to a clean final copy ready for immediate use. In the track-changed version, you will be able to see all the changes, adjustments, corrections and suggestions introduced by the copy-editor or proofreader.


"Thank you for the kind help last day with my thesis. Your advanced thesis proofreading service made my supervisor like so much my paper," Dan, PhD student.

"I found the Ultimate Proofreader to be fast, efficient and thorough. They turned my urgent little job around in less than three hours. Brilliant!" David M. H., book author.

"The service was very useful because the tips taught me how to use the full stop correctly in my dissertation, inside or outside quotes, and also the team did a great job on my paragraph length in the thesis," Ali, a PhD student.

" Great quality of work, very reliable and friendly service. We (everyone on my team at work) highly recommend the Ultimate Proofreader!" Talia La Rosa, Human Rights Papua Organisation.

"I searched a lot for a really professional law proofreading services provider as I study in the UK. The Ultimate Proofreader is honestly the one I needed. I particularly like their marginal annotations," Kesmat, a Master's degree student.

"I got my translation edited by the Ultimate Proofreader and it was just spot on, high recommend them," Aber al-Taies, a representative of an Arabic translation company.

" We highly benefited from the legal proofreading service provided by the Ultimate Proofreader," Jacob, a lawyer."

I have used other proof reader in the past, but Ultimate profreader are definitely the best for phd thesis proofreading.   I do not hesitate to use them again and also to recommend them to any one who needs a reliable, friendly and professional master thesis proofreading," M Malik, a lawyer.
"I tried a few proofreading services companies to proofread my dissertation but the Ultimate Proofreader's proofreading and editing services are a game changer, really," Alex D, a medical PhD student.

"Thank you Ultimate Proofreader for your outstanding edits and suggestions in my document, was great business proofreading services" Mark, a business owner.

Join us

We are often on the lookout for experienced English language proofreaders and editors as well as text rewriters/paraphrasers.

If you have got what it takes to deliver a professional edit, proofread or paraphrase, we would love to hear from you. 

Drop us a line with your CV, detailing your previous work experience.

We are particularly keen to hear from people with experience in dissertation and thesis proofreading.


  • We DO NOT check or correct factual information within your academic work;
  • We DO NOT add new material to the original work;
  • We DO NOT change the ideas and arguments presented within the work;
  • We DO NOT check whether calculations, diagrams, figures, statistics, formulae are factually correct or not;
  • We Do NOT change the sequence or ordering of the chapters and sections of the dissertation.

Complaint Procedure

Our aim is to provide excellent services that are 100% satisfactory to our clients.

If, however, for any reason, you think we have not met your expectations, we have a complaint procedure in place.

This is aimed at resolving your concerns or comments and investigating any complaint you may have in order for us to take the appropriate course of action.

Want a revision?

If you simply have a specific concern or comment and would like us to revise your document (or parts of it) again, simply email us and request a revision.

Please explain why you think your paper needs to be revised (For instance, you found a typo, a change in meaning, a grammatical error, Americanisms in British English documents, etc).  

We will revise your document and address all your concerns – at no extra cost.

Want a refund?

If you believe that your paper was not proofread, edited or paraphrased up to an acceptable and good standard and you want a partial or full refund, please do the following:

-         Provide us with specific information and reasons as to why you think your paper was not done to an acceptable level. Being as specific as possible helps us to investigate your complaint fairly and effectively.

-         Back up your complaint with as much evidence as possible (for instance, highlight any parts you are not happy with in a different colour and explain why). 

Native speaker? Think you do not need proofreading?

Professional dissertation proofreading services are extremely useful for both non-native and native speakers of English alike. As a native speaker student or academic, you need to get your draft checked by a professional editor before submission, for two reasons:

First: As human beings, we are all naturally blind to mistakes we make in our writing. We can hardly spot any errors in a copy we have written.

Second: Being a native English speaker does not necessarily mean you can produce a 100% error-free academic copy. An essential part of the job of the academic editor or proofreader is to ensure your text is well-written, well-structured, and coherent and that there are no gaps or broken narratives in your writing.