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The Ultimate Proofreader is a UK-based premium provider of in-depth, thorough and comprehensive English proofreading and editing services.

We specialise in proofreading and editing dissertations, essays, journals, term papers, and other academic manuscripts. Our academic proofreaders and editors are subject-specialist UK & US native English speakers.
We provide three bespoke, cost-efficient academic editing and proofreading services, expertly and professionally tailored to the different individual needs and budgets of Master's or PhD students and academics.

We also provide unique and excellent proofreading services for book writers, publishers, companies and professionals.

1. MA & PhD students/academics

Have you just finished writing your dissertation, thesis, or essay and are now looking for a specialist professional proofreader or editor to edit, correct and improve your manuscript? Then you are definitely at the right place. 

The Ultimate Proofreader offers customised, bespoke and cost-effective academic proofreading and editing services to MA & PhD students in the UK and around the world. 

We are glad to have so far served over 30,000 students with targeted essay and dissertation proofreading services, helping them to obtain their doctoral degree summa cum laude (with the highest distinction).

How we correct and improve your essay/thesis/dissertation?

  • Correct grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors;
  • Correct awkward sentence structuring and wrong word choice;
  • Fix ambiguity, redundancy, unnecessary repetition or non-academic language;
  • Ensure your academic text is written in idiomatic academic British English, American English, or Australian English as per your choice;
  • Correct any errors in in-text citations, referencing, or bibliography, depending on your preferred referencing style. 
  • Fix any formatting and structuring errors.
  • Ensure your ideas are presented and expressed in clear and unequivocal language, tone and style.
  • Provide you with useful editorial tips and advice through comments, questions and observations on your thesis, dissertation or essay.

2. Book authors

The editing and proofreading of a book before publishing is so crucial that it can make or break it.

As a writer, you will certainly need to ensure that the content you have written is professionally edited and proofread by specialist book proofreaders and editors. And this is where we can help as a top-notch book proofreading services UK-based provider.

Our expert book editors will thoroughly examine your draft for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, broken narrative, inconsistency, structural gaps, contradictions, wordiness or textual incoherence.

We will also flag up any formatting or presentation issues.

If you would like to test our service quality first, we offer a free sample. Two different editors will each provide a copy, in order to give you more choice.

3. Businesses/Corporations

Whether you operate in the sector of marketing/PR, finance, translation, or law, you definitely value how the proofreading and editing of business communication, contracts, letters, emails, press releases, translated texts, reports, blogs or website content can be the x-factor in your sales.

A marketing/PR company?

If you present your clients with neatly and professionally written and meticulously edited promotional material, whether online or in the form of leaflets, brochures and pamphlets, you will increase the chances of them signing up for your service.

What if you give your clients poorly written website content or promotional material with typos or grammatical errors? They will just turn away.

We have UK-based expert proofreaders and editors who will ensure your text - be it a report, a letter, an email, a press release, promotional material or website content - is written in error-free English and is improved and enhanced in both form and content in line with your in-house editorial guidelines.

A law firm? 

Why you need specialist legal proofreading services most? A single grammatical or spelling error in a written legal document can cause massive problems.

Whether it is an agreement, a contract, a will, a report, a notice or any other legal paper, it is utterly important that it gets proofread carefully and thoroughly by a professional legal editor or proofreader.

We, at the Ultimate Proofreader, provide excellent legal proofreading and editing services for law firms of all sizes, big and small.

A translation company?

When a text is translated from one language into another, the meaning can sometimes get lost, and literal translation can also make its into the translated text which effectively renders it incomprehensible to the readers.

Here our professional native English proofreaders and editors will be correct, adjust and improve the translated text so that it is idiomatic, intelligible and understandable to the intended readers who are native English speakers.

So, if you are a marketing, law or translation firm interested in trying our services, you can send us a sample for an edit or a proofread to [email protected].

4. Professionals/individuals

In a world teeming with fierce competition, CVs, personal statements and cover letters can simply make or break, when it comes to job hunting.

They are the first thing that companies and businesses looking to recruit new staff set their eyes on, with a particular focus on how the applicants present themselves and showcase their knowledge and their experience. A badly written CV or cover letter with language errors certainly would not reflect good on you and would most likely switch potential employers off.

By contrast, a well-written CV, closely and tightly proofread and edited, will most likely make a big difference by creating a positive impact on potential employers. You may have the longest experience and most unique set of skills and qualities, but that may not guarantee you being shortlisted for an interview, if your CV and cover letter are poorly written or have embarrassing typos or punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

Therefore, it is really crucial to have your CV, personal statement and cover letter professionally edited and proofread. Here we come in with our CV proofreading services, which will help make your CV and cover letter shine through. We also proofread and edit business letters, reports, emails and many other forms of writing. If you have a sample and want to test our proofreading or editing services, why not send it us today? It is free, with no obligation whatsoever.

5. Paraphrasing Service

In addition to our proofreading & editing services, we provide a professional academic rewriting and paraphrasing serviceThis service is provided to students and academics who need to cite from other sources of literature and require a paraphrase so as to avoid falling in the trap of plagiarism - which is an extremely serious offence in academia.

Our paraphrasing service is delivered by highly-qualified and skilled paraphrasers and text rewriters who will expertly and professionally rewrite and paraphrase your original text employing a different structure, different words and different style, whilst maintaining your original intended meaning in the final paraphrased version.


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Why us? 9 reasons

1 - Quality is our number one priority: we provide the UK's genuinely best proofreading services & editing and paraphrasing services. Unlike other  providers, we pay attention to every single word and sentence you have written in your paper. 

How to pay us

Who are we?

We are a premium provider of dissertation proofreading services to clients in the UK and across the world. 

Our excellent editing and proofreading quality and unique customer service have enabled us to grow massively until we have become an English language proofreading services provider that is trusted and rated the best, not by hundreds, but by thousands of students, academics, businesses, professionals and authors. We also offer paraphrasing services and editing services.

As part of our commitment to quality, we look after every word, every sentence and every paragraph in your text. We closely, tightly and carefully revise and rectify every sentence, whether in structure or meaning, to make sure that it is in the best possible form.

We special attention to common language problems, such as the use of pronouns, connectors, prepositions, tense, among other linguistic aspects.We go beyond the syntactic side of proofreading and dig deep into the semantic side of it to ensure you have written meaningful content. 

In other words, we also believe that our task goes beyond the mere improvement of the language and style of writing to an informative, insightful, and educational service. For this reason, we provide feedback, as appropriate, on the areas of language that need to be worked on. 

Additionally, we have created a blog on our website that is purely dedicated to language-related matters. We strongly believe customers who pay for proofreading services deserve to the greatest value for money. They deserve services of a quality and standard that are really immaculate.

Based on this, it was vital for us as a business offering proofreading services to UK and international clients to price our services in such a way to make them cost-efficient and cost-effective and above all affordable to buy.

We are not the cheapest, nor are we the highest-paid service providers; our prices are just set in proportion to the amount of time and effort we put into our clients’ texts. So, we do not overcharge our clients, or undercharge them, as some poor-quality service providers would do. To put it simply, our ultimate goal is to offer you the greatest value for your money.

Our pricing policy also takes into account the fact that there are certain clients, such as students, who often have a very tight budget but who are still keen to benefit from our proofreading services. 

In addition to the reasonable pricing of our services, for first-time clients, whether professionals, businesses, students, academics or book authors, we offer a 10% discount.We fully appreciate that time can be a highly critical factor for our clients who may need speedy delivery of proofreading services. 

Although we try our best to complete assignments within fast turnaround times, we never forsake quality for speed.For us, priority always comes first. 

Unlike other editing and proofreading service providers, our proofreaders and editors may spend one or even two hours on a single page to correct, revise and improve the text. We do not work on an hourly basis; we give every document we receive all the time and care it needs, no matter how much time or effort we put into it. 

Our ultimate goal is to produce a text that is proofread or edited to a high standard that would help our wide range of clients achieve their desired results.

Having said that, we are very strict with meeting deadlines by making sure that we have proofreaders and editors available 24/7, ready to step in when needed. We understand how important it can be for clients to receive their documents back urgently.

The Ultimate Proofreader prides itself on having a very experienced team of proofreaders and editors who help us deliver those sterling proofreading services to our clients in the UK, the US, China and many other countries.

We are also a very friendly secure proofreading service UK provider, and are always happy to interact with our clients, whether before, during or after the completion of their assignments.

Our aim is to help academics and students, particularly non-native speakers, to learn and improve their knowledge about the use of the English language for academic purposes. We can be reached by email ([email protected]) or by phone (07717750188), around-the-clock.

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