2. Book Editing Service

A good book should hold the reader’s attention from start to finish. 

The process of writing a good book needs much research and concentration and takes up a considerable amount of time. In view of this, authors and writers can inadvertently make errors in the text and overlook grammatical and structural aspects. This can cause readers to ‘switch off’, and a publisher will not be impressed by such errors. It is essential to get a second pair of eyes to look through your manuscript. This is where our professional Book Editing Service can help you.  

In this service, our editors , some of whom are writers themselves, scrutinise your book, novel, play or any other script for a variety of aspects. In addition to a thorough check of grammar, punctuation and spelling, the case editor would look at two more elements: your choice of words and the way you structured your sentences.
We always respect your style as an author, and would never intentionally change it; therefore, the suggestions and changes introduced by the editor would not affect your own style of writing, presentation of ideas, tone or the overall structure. 

1) Grammar check

Our editors will check for, and correct various aspects of grammar such as:

a) Subject-verb agreement

b) Conjunctions

c) Use of tenses

d) Modifiers, possessive adjectives or pronouns, and split infinitives

e) The apostrophe, or lower and upper case

2) Spelling check

We will check your spelling for any errors and correct them, such as:


(b) Proper names

(c) Typos (These often occur when the text is typed quickly)

American/British English (We look for consistency here)  

3) Punctuation check

Correct punctuation makes it easier for the reader, whereas bad punctuation makes the text awkward to read and can even change the meaning from that which was intended. We check for:


(b) Colons and Semi-Colons

(c) Quotation marks

and other punctuation marks. 

4) Word choice

In English, some words have a greater impact than others; and there are words that fit certain purposes more than others do, or convey the meaning in a better and more succinct way.  So we check the impact of the words to see if they are the most appropriate ones to use. 

5) Sentence structure

One recurrent problem that we often come across in book editing and is what we call run-on sentences...i.e sentences that are excessively long. These can be very confusing for the reader who may sometimes have to read them more than once in order to get the meaning. When our editors come across such sentences, they restructure them and split them into shorter sentences so that they are easier to read. 

On the other hand, we come across sentences that are too short, and give a kind of staccato effect, which means the text does not flow naturally from one idea to another. In the case, we change the structure so that the text flows better.  

Please remember that we will not intentionally change your style. However, if you think we have done, please return it to us and explain where we have done this and we will fix it. 

Help us to help you

We can do a good editing job for you if you tell us exactly what you want. It is not always enough to tell us that you want editing, as there are many levels of editing. We can of course see from your book whether your writing is formal or informal, and also the style of your writing. There are other matters that we may not know unless you tell us; for example, do you want to use italics or quotation marks for names of publications, house names or names of ships? Do you want to use single or double quotation marks? Consistency is something we check for in editing because inconsistencies in a book are very unprofessional and annoying to readers. Your publisher will probably have given you a style sheet because publishers want all of their books (according to topic) to be of a consistent style. If you self-publish, it will be up to you to prepare your own style sheet. We can advise you on this. After we have edited your work, and you have read through it, you may wish to return it to us for the final stage of proofreading before your book goes to print. 

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