Proofreading Services for Reporters & Journalists


Edit your news report & article to perfection

The Ultimate Proofreader provides bespoke editing and proofreading services for journalists, reporters, columnists and freelance writers in the UK, US and worldwide.

Our services are extremely thorough, rigorous, cost-effective, and available 24/7.

We have helped hundreds of clients – journalists, reporters and writers – correct and improve their news reports, articles, commentaries and columns.

Our services cover English language usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling, style and journalistic tone.

We have specialist proofreaders and editors who come from a journalistic background and have worked as news editors in multiple media and news organisations.

English Proofreading services

The proofreading services we provide to journalists and reporters focus mainly on three aspects: spelling, punctuation and grammar.

If you are writing for an American news outlet, we will ensure your report or article is written in American English, in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Similarly, if your report or commentary is written for a British news outlet, we will ensure your spelling is in line with British English.

In grammar, there are minor differences when it comes to British and American English usage.

For instance, the use of a full stop at the end of a quoted sentence in British English is different from how it is used in American English. In British English, if it is a full sentence, the period is inside. If not a full sentence, it is outside. In American English, if the sentence is incomplete, the period is inside.

In a nutshell, the English proofreading service we provide ensures your text – be it a commentary, a report, or a column – is 100% error-free in terms of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

English Copy-editing Services

Our copy-editing services are more in-depth and involve far more interventions from our editors than is the case in the proofreading service.

In the editing service, apart from checking and correcting your grammar, punctuation and spelling, our copy-editors enhance and improve your word choice, sentence structure, style, tone and flow throughout your article or report. 

Our copy-editors are all native English speakers with many years’ experience in editorial roles in various media organisations. In brief, they know quite well how a news copy should be edited and improved in order to reach your readers or audience in the best possible shape in terms of readability, structure, coherence, and flow.

If you want to try our services before you buy, we offer a free sample option to all potential clients: just email us up to 200 words of your text and we will do that for free. This should give you a good idea about the quality of service you would expect from us if you were to place a proofreading or editing service request with us. 

Who are we?

The Ultimate Proofreader is a UK-based provider of English proofreading services.
While we are based in the UK, we serve clients all over the world, including in the US, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE.
We serve a diverse variety of clients, including writers, authors, journalists, reporters, academics, students and professionals.
For each category of our clients, we have specialist and expert editors and proofreaders who have subject-matter expertise.
For journalists and reporters, we have editors and proofreaders who have a wealth of expertise gained from working in various editorial roles in news organisations.
Our services are very thorough and rigorous and above all very cost-efficient.
We also offer different levels of English language proofreading and copy-editing services.
If you need a simple proofreading service, we have a service that focuses purely on grammar, punctuation and spelling.
But if you need more improvement and intervention from the editor, then we also offer an intensive copy-editing service which includes a thorough check of more aspects of your written copy, including word choice, sentence formation, clarity, flow and coherence.
Do you have an article, a report, or a commentary and need to have it proofread or edited before submitting to your publisher? Get in touch with us today and we will offer you a hand.