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The UK's Best Paraphrasing Service

The Paraphrasing Service is an expertly designed service that meets the requirements of postgraduates, PhD students, researchers and academics – both natives and non-natives alike.

With our paraphrasing service, we guarantee that your essay, thesis, journal article or scientific paper will be rewritten and reworded to the highest academic standard possible.

Our expert paraphrasers will first carefully read your text, digest it and then rewrite it, using different words, different structure and different style, whilst retaining the original intended meaning. 

Unlike many other paraphrase service providers in the UK and elsewhere, our Paraphrasing Service is done manually – from start to end­­ – by highly experienced rewriters and paraphrasers. We simply never use any online tools or software in our paraphrasing services.

On top of that, our rewriting or paraphrasing service is affordably and reasonably priced.

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Why paraphrasing service matters?

While writing your essay, dissertation or thesis, as an MA & PhD student, researcher or academic, you often have to cite from other sources of literature. 

If you are not well versed in English or do not have the required creative abilities to expertly convert the original text, using your own words, you are then at the risk of falling into the trap of plagiarism – which is an extremely serious crime in academia.

It is now extremely easy to detect plagiarised content in any piece of academic writing, thanks to advances in technology and availability of detection software tools, such as Turnitin and Grammarly.

This explains why rewriting or paraphrasing services are highly important. As a paraphrasing service UK provider, we offer an outstanding rewording or paraphrasing service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our expert text rewriters and editors, with their many years of experience, will get your text academically rewritten, and above all plagiarism-free. 

Also, to make things easier for you, we always do a small free-of-charge sample of your writing first, in order to give you an opportunity to see our quality and compare it with that of any other service provider.

You can email us any 100 words of your text to [email protected].

We aim to return completed samples to potential clients within 12 to 24 hours maximum, subject to availability.

How does it work?

We try to make things as easy and as simple as possible to our clients.


So, if you have an essay or any other academic text and would like to place an order for our Paraphrasing Service, please follow the following steps.

  • 1) Send us the document by email to [email protected]. We work on both word (preferred) and PDF formats
  • 2) Specify in your email your preferred deadline
  • 3) If you have any specific requirements or instructions, please highlight them in your email

Alternatively, your can upload your document through the form available on our website and let us know which service you are interested in and when you need your document back by.


Within two hours or less, we will get back to you with: 

1) Confirmation of receipt and availability 

2) Delivery details 

3) Payment details (we accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer) Once payment has been made, the job will be assigned to an editor, and it is all done.


You will get your document back from us within your preferred deadline by email. You will receive the document in two copies: one with changes marked to show you what has been changed by the editor, and another clean final version that is ready for immediate use and submission.

Along with the document, your will also receive:

Four reasons to choose us

1. Specialism 

For many years, providing paraphrasing and rewriting services has been our field of specialism, a fact that has given us a competitive edge in the market. We are well-versed even in the smallest detail related to the industry.

2. Language expertise

Our essay rewriters and editors are completely adept at the use of academic language while doing their job. They never use informal expressions, awkward grammar or phrasal verbs, all of which do not fit an academic purpose. Nor do they mix American English with British English, or produce inaccuracies.

3. Text digesting

We look at the heart and soul of the text while academically paraphrasing or rewriting it. In other words, we do not just change a word for word, or a sentence for sentence, in a mechanical way. We first read through the entire text to fully digest and understand it; only then can we start our academic rewriting or parpahrasing of the text.

4. Making sense

Clarity in academic writing is of paramount importance. This means that, for us, every single word and every single sentence in the text must make sense. If ever in doubt, we check with the client as to what he or she intended to say, in order to ensure we deliver a paraphrased version that is immaculate and where every word and sentence makes perfect sense.


Why paraphrasing service?

When first launched, the Ultimate Proofreader used to provide proofreading services only.

But soon after we responded to the market need and introduced our paraphrasing service, which today is one of the most popular academic language services we provide to students, researchers, postgraduates and academics in the UK. This is in addition to our advanced essay and dissertation proofreading services.

Rewriting or paraphrasing a text is not a job; it is an art which we have been able to master.

And it is for this reason that the Ultimate Proofreader today stands out from the crowd with its matchless paraphrasing service. We have successfully built a good reputation as a highly trusted, professional and specialist paraphrasing service provider.

Our success is owed to our experienced and excellent team of paraphrasers, rewriters and editors who help us deliver such a sterling paraphrasing and rewriting service to clients in various UK universities such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Leeds, the University of Reading, the University of Sheffield, among others.

We are very popular among students and academics, not only because of the top quality of our service, but also because of our simplified pricing structure.

Aware how students and postgraduates can be running on a very tight budget, particularly with the high cost of education in the UK, we offer our rewriting & paraphrasing service at very competitive and affordable rates.

Unlike other providers, we charge our clients on the basis of the word count, not per hour. Charging clients per hour can be very costly for them, because some assignments can be complex and more difficult to paraphrase and rewrite than others.

We pride ourselves on adding an extra layer of scrutiny to our paraphrasing or rewriting services, which is hardly done by any other paraphrasing service provider in the UK: once the text has been rewritten by our paraphrasing expert, it is then sent to an editor who runs through it entirely to ensure that it does not have any language flaws or errors.

The reason why we do so is that we highly respect the trust that our loyal clients put in us.

We also love to interact with our clients and are available to assist them with any enquiries, instructions or comments, whether before, during or after the completion of the paraphrasing assignment.

We also believe that our task goes beyond the mere improvement of the language and style of writing to an informative, insightful educational service to academics and students. For this reason, we provide feedback, as appropriate, on the areas of language that need to be worked on. Additionally, we have created a blog on our website that is purely dedicated to language-related matters.

Our aim is to help academics and students, particularly non-native speakers, to learn and improve their knowledge about the use of the English language for academic purposes. 

We can be reached 24/7 by email ([email protected]), or by phone (07717750188).

* Find out more about why we are the preferred paraphrasing service provider for a large number of students and academics in the UK.


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