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Advanced Essay Proofreading and Editing Service

The Ultimate Proofreader is a world-class UK-based provider of in-depth essay proofreading services.

We serve academic students in the UK, the US, China and worldwide with a standard essay proofreading service and an advanced essay editing and proofreading service.

We have helped thousands of MA and PhD students achieve the highest grades by submitting a 100% error-free essay.

We will check and correct your grammar, punctuation, spelling, English usage, and sentence formation. We will also scrutinise your paper for academic style, structure and clarity.

Professional essay editors

Our essay editors and proofreaders are the best at what they do. They bring decades of experience in proofreading and editing essays and scientific manuscripts.
We respect our clients – we do not use any software or AI tools in our work - only human essay editors.

Quick, Affordable and Confidential

We operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including on weekends and public holidays. 

We guarantee your essay will be proofread both quickly and up to a very high standard. We are rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot.
Our essay proofreading and editing services are fairly priced. No extra charges or hiddlen fees.

We respect our clients' confidentiality. Any essay proofread or edited by us is automatically removed from our systems altogether upon delivery.

What do we do?

We check and scrutinise essays very thoroughly to correct and improve the following:
1) English grammar, puncutation, spelling and usage
2) Sentence structure and flow
3) Clarity and coherence
4) Referencing check

Our specialist essay proofreaders will also provide you with helpful feedback, comments and suggestions on issues of consistency and clarity.

Give your essay a light edit

In addition to our widely popular in-depth essay proofreading service, we provide a light essay editing service as well.

If you have strong writing skills and only need a second pair of eyes to check your essay for any grammaticall erros, typos or mispunctuation that you may have missed, our light edit service is your ideal choice. It is cheaper and less time-consuming and involves less intervention from the editor.

"When I explained what I need to the Ultimate Proofreader guys, they discussed with me what I needed and they recommended me the essay proofreading service, although it is the cheapest they do," Alan, a Master’s degree student.

"I decided to go for that one because it suited me best in terms of financial cost and level of intervention in my text. I did not want any significant changes in my text. I basically wanted a read-through from a professional person to remove any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, as I am not confident with those. This excellent thesis proofreading service was really the perfect choice for me,” Caroline, a PhD student.

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"I opted for this category of proofreading services, as I am ok with writing my essays but I have a bit of weakness in grammar and the differences between American English and British English,” Sheza, a PhD student.

'I would recommend the English dissertation review services for all those students who are really good at academic writing but keen to ensure their text is error-free in terms of language,” Amina, a Master’s degree student.