How to write a good academic essay

Being asked to write an assignment or an essay is an essential part of higher academic education. 

If you are pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree, you will find yourself quite often having to submit to your tutor or supervisor a well-written essay that discusses a certain subject or topic as part of your course of study. 

But the question that every student asks is how to write a good essay.  

Below are a few quick tips as to how a good essay should be written: 

1-   Organisation 

A good essay must be an organised one. This means the content you want to put in writing must be written in a coherent and connected manner. 

Putting blocks of writing next to each other without any appropriate linking and coherence makes it very difficult for your supervisor or tutor, let alone an average reader, to make any sense of your essay. 

So, rule number one is: make sure you have written your essay in an organised and coherent manner. 

2-   Clarity 

Again, a good essay must be clear. The very core of the concept of an essay is fundamentally explanatory. In other words, essays are essentially written to shed light on or explain a specific subject. 

For this reason, it is imperative that your essay’s content is clear. Vague content is not going to help explain your subject to your reader. It will in fact only confuse them further. 

Ask yourself: Is what I have written clear enough? If yes, then you are on the right track. 

3-   Depth 

Do not write a superficial essay. When your tutor asks you to write an essay, they expect you to go out there and do hard work, in terms of research, and present your findings in the form of an essay. 

They certainly would not expect you to go and do only a light kind of researching and write an essay with no depth. 

That would not go down well. You need to extensively research the specific topic or subject you are going to write the essay about, unless you are guided by your supervisor or tutor to look at certain books, theories etc. The depth and breadth of your content is utterly important. 

4-   Language  

Once you are done research and have set up the plan as to how you will put what you found in writing, you will then need to ensure a very essential aspect without which all that hard work will go unrewarded: it is your language. 

You must write your essay in academic, idiomatic English language up to a high standard. 

Your tutor or supervisor will never forgive a grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistake, nor will they condone any unacademic expressions or words. It is thus very important to ensure you have done absolutely everything possible to make sure your writing is in good, correct academic English. 

As an extra layer of security, get a competent friend, or an essay proofreading services provider, to proofread and edit your essay. This will be very beneficial as it can highlight to you things that you will need to fix before submitting your essay.

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