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Business Writing Editing Service

How many people write your company reports?

Company reports can be complex. They may contain sections written by different people with expertise in specific topics. Whereas it is good to have each section written by an expert, this can have its downside. Each person who has contributed to the report will have his or her own style that could result in there being no overall unity or consistency in the report.  

Moreover, it could be that a report is a joint effort of a committee. This could involve disagreement among the committee members with the more dominant members dictating what goes into the report, and there being no attempt to develop a consistent company house style. Generally, we never intentionally change the style of a document, but we may make an exception where many different styles in the same document make it inconsistent. When we do this, we will always explain the reason to you.  

This is where our business editing service can help you. Our experienced editors, as well as checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation, will check for consistency of style and overall unity in the report. They will also make any necessary changes to the document to improve it, but will not change the meaning or the message you wish to convey to your reader. In fact, we will help you to do that better. 

Other reasons why your report may need to be edited

If, after reading your report, you have a feeling it is not quite right and that it would benefit from being read by another person, we can help you. Our experienced editors can scrutinise every word, sentence and paragraph of your document and make any corrections and improvements that are necessary. We take the greatest care in retaining the meaning, and ensuring that your report is presented in the best possible way. 

What other business documents would benefit from being edited?

We also provide this service for other documents such as material for your website or social media page, text for lectures, speeches and presentations, company handbooks and staff training materials. In fact, we can edit any business document that you think needs to be improved, or if you just need a second pair of eyes to look through it before it is distributed to its intended audience. 

What does our editing service provide?

In this service, our proofreaders and editors cover more aspects of your business text than they do in the Business Proofreading Services.
The Business Editing Service is aimed at the companies and institutions that need more than just a simple proofread of a text for grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition to those three basic elements, this service includes a thorough and comprehensive check of the text for word choice and sentence structure.
Although this more comprehensive than our proofreading service, it does not involve any major changes in the tone, style or overall structure of the written copy.
Our editors check your document for the following: 

1) Grammar check

We check your document for every aspect of grammar, including: subject-verb agreement, use of conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs, use of tenses, modifiers, possessive pronouns and split infinitives. We also check for the correct use of upper or lower case. We often find errors in these aspects of grammar. 

2) Spelling check

Spelling errors appear in many forms. These include words spelt incorrectly as well as typographical errors, such as inadvertently transposing letters in a word. We also come across incorrectly spelt names. We see some documents where American and British English are mixed; therefore, we check this for consistency. 

3) Punctuation check

Although there is a modern trend to consider punctuation as being unimportant, incorrect use of punctuation can make text difficult to read and understand, and can even change the meaning. We particularly check for the correct use of commas, colons, semi-colons and quotation marks. 

4) Word choice

The richness of the English language means that there is wide choice of words for anyone writing a document. Some words, although they may have similar meanings, are more appropriate than others in the context of the document. We check for this.

5) Sentence structure

A change in sentence structure can sometimes improve the clarity of a document, so where needed, we will change the sentence structure to improve your document.


Who are we?

The Ultimate Proofreader is a provider of premium proofreading, editing and paraphrasing services based in the UK.

For the many years we have been in business we have successfully given a helping hand to businesses, students, authors and professionals with bespoke editing and proofreading services for essays, theses or dissertations.

Our services are reasonably and affordably priced, delivered within fast turnaround times with any impact on quality and expertly completed.

Our professional dissertation editors and proofreaders spend a lot of time on every assignment to make sure it is proofread, edited or rewritten to the highest standard.

We respect the fact that many students have very short deadlines before submission, so we operate around the clock 7 days a week to meet our customers' needs.

We have a strong belief that any professional proofreading services provider should go beyond the mere correction of language and look at the heart and soul of the text itself.

We also seek to educate, not only proofread, so we provide useful material related to language in our blog section.

Our aim is to help academics and students, particularly non-native speakers, to learn and improve their knowledge about the use of the English language for academic purposes.

We can be reached by email (i[email protected]) or by phone (07717750188), around-the-clock.