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Get your thesis proofread and edited in depth by UK-based academic editors – no AI or tools involved. Check your paper profoundly from A to Z with our targeted thesis proofreading services. Submit your thesis now.


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The In-depth Thesis Proofreading Service is a highly comprehensive and detailed thesis proofreading service, specifically tailored to assist MA and PhD students.
Whatever your academic discipline is, you will find this in-depth thesis proofreadig and editing service extremely helpful. Our specialist academic editors will check every detail in your manuscript, to fix typographical, syntactical and semantic errors, check your sentence composition and word choice, and improve the flow and clarity of your writing. 
Our service is 100% secure and confidential. We provide a fast delivery service - get in touch with us via email, by phone, or on WhatsApp.
Let us help you submit a robust, well-written thesis that stands out. We are available around the clock, every day of the year.

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Native Editors

Our academic editors and proofreaders are native English speakers with high academic qualifications. We employ former university professors who are members of prestigious proofreading and editing industry associations such as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).


Affordable prices

Our prices are fair and affordable. We also offer exclusive discounts to students and regular clients. We do not charge any hidden fees. Our quoted prices are final and inclusive of VAT. Request a quote now


Trusted & Secure

Our thesis proofreading service is trusted by thousands of academic students in the UK, the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China and other countries.
It is 100% confidential and secure.
We accept theses with tight deadlines and provide express delivery service upon request. For exact turnaround times, send us an email.


Fix your grammar, punctuation, and spelling

We fix and correct:

  • Subject-verb agreement errors
  • Misplaced commas
  • Americanisms in British English texts
  • Typos
  • Split infinitive
  • Capitalisation

Improve your sentence structure

We improve sentence formation by:

  • Rewording awkwardly written sentences
  • Shortening and simplifying complex and long sentences 
  • Connecting sentences as appropriate
  • Improving sentence flow
  • Rewording phrases and sentences to enhance the clarity of the text

Enhance your academic writing style and clarity

We improve your thesis by:

  • Highlighting any sections of the text where the meaning is unclear
  • Removing any unnecessary repetition of material as well as superfluous/redundant content
  • Enhancing the style of the text by using less common verbs and adjectives in place of overused words such as ‘shows’, ‘says’, ‘many’, ‘good’, ‘important’, and ‘interesting’
  • Adding link sentences between paragraphs to enhance the flow of the text
  • Identifying and flagging inconsistencies within the text
  • Checking spelling is accurate and in accordance with the designated style (e.g. UK, USA, Australia)
  • Ensuring referencing is consistent and in the appropriate format (e.g. OSCOLA, Harvard, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Ensuring the text, including tables, figures, and headings/subheadings, is formatted correctly in accordance with the required style (e.g. OSCOLA, Harvard, APA, Chicago, etc.)


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