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The Ultimate Proofreader is a UK-based world-class provider of business proofreading services. We serve businesses and companies of all types and sizes with bespoke and unique language correction services. 

In this proofreading service, our specialist business proofreaders will examine your report, press release, promotional material, website information, or any other content to identify and fix any errors related to grammar, punctuation, or spelling. 

This service is focused on those three elements only: grammar, spelling and punctuation. It basically serves as a second pair of eyes on a text that is well written but only needs a final light-touch check. Proofreading your business writing is highly important as a minor grammatical or spelling error can have a damaging impact on the reputation and image of your company or service.

We also offer a more advanced business proofreading and editing service – if you need your text to be thoroughly edited and significantly improved.

Annual report – get it proofread

Numerous companies produce a report on their operations on an annual basis. Given the importance of this annual report, which is often long and written in English, it is necessary that it is checked quite carefully for any mistakes that can detract from its value.

Typos or poor grammar can be very embarrassing for companies – especially well-reputed ones. In some cases, it can lead to serious consequences. For instance, if you are a law firm, a minor grammatical error in a contract or a report to the court can put your client in a big problem.  

Punctuation, spelling and grammatical mistakes can creep easily into any written business text – particularly long ones such as the annual report. 

This is where our business proofreading service can be of the greatest assistance. Our business-focused proofreaders will thoroughly examine your report to identify and correct any language errors.

Press release

Multiple companies and agencies need to issue and publish press releases in English. As the name indicates, these releases take the form of a written text containing information sent to press and media organisations for publication.

Ensuring your English-language press release is free of any basic language mistakes is essential, given that the amount of publicity that some press releases receive in the public domain. 

A subject-verb agreement mistake or spelling a name wrongly can undermine the purpose of the press release itself.

Again, here comes this dedicated business proofreading service that we specifically designed for that purpose: to clear your text of any SPAG (Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar) errors.

Website content

In today's business world setting up a website for your service or activity is a fundamental step. However, a website written in poor English language is likely to cause an adverse impact – rather than help your brand or business. Imagine a website with a wrong spelling of its own name! Or indeed a website with an obvious error in a big headline on its front or home page!

With our business-focused proofreading service, you won't worry about any SPAG errors lurking in your website content. We will meticulously proofread every word in your website content to find and fix any errors in it.

What other business writing we proofread

We are aware of how promotional material and advertisements can be ineffective because of small errors. Even simple leaflets, emails and letters can benefit from being proofread. We also offer a proofreading service for newsletters, magazines, blogs and business plans, and will also proofread the text for speeches and presentations.

What does our service offer?

Our proofreading service for businesses, corporations and companies, makes that final check for you. Our business-specialist proofreaders will correct any typos or punctuation errors or inconsistent/wrong spelling to ensure your message to your audience is delivered in the most immaculate written English language possible.

In B2B, any simple language-related errors can be quite embarrassing and can have an adverse impact.

We serve business clients, including marketing, public relations, translation, technology and financial services companies with this professional proof reading service. This service covers only three aspects of the text: grammar, punctuation and spelling.

How can you benefit from the Business Proofreading Service?

If you are a company or an institution and have written a press release, a report or any other business communication in-house and need a second pair of eyes to ensure there are no typos, grammatical or punctuation errors, then this service would suit you best. It does not involve any heavy editing or changes to the text. All that our proofreaders do in this service is to scrutinise your copy to correct any issue related to these three elements.   

1. Grammar check

We check every aspect of grammar. We frequently come across errors in the following areas of grammar: subject-verb agreement, use of conjunctions and conjunctive verbs, use of tenses, use of modifiers, possessive adjectives and pronouns and split infinitives.

2. Spelling check

We come across spelling errors of different types. They can be words that are spelt incorrectly, or typos. We often see names (of people or of places) spelt incorrectly. There is often confusion between American and British English. It is not a matter of one being right and the other being wrong, but rather a matter of consistency. We check for this. 

3. Punctuation check

The many punctuation marks can cause confusion, so that people ask ‘Do we really need them?’ They certainly are needed, as if they are omitted or used wrongly, they can change the meaning or make the text difficult to read. The correct use of the comma tends to be a matter of personal preference or even of fashion, but our experienced business proofreaders know how to make the best use of commas. There can be confusion between colons and semi-colons, but each has a specific use. Quotation marks can be double or single, but we check for consistency with these. We frequently see errors in the use of the apostrophe, but we also check for such errors. 

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