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Edit and proofread your essay intensively and substantively by specialist UK copy-editors. Fix your grammar and punctuation, enhance your writing, and remove repetition and redundancy with our comprehensive essay editing service. Submit your essay now.

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The Intensive/Substantive Essay Editing Service is a very comprehensive essay proofreading and editing service.

We will thoroughly examine your essay for grammar, punctuation, spelling, choice of words, sentence structure, academic vocabulary, clarity of meaning, length of paragraphs and referencing style.

Our expert essay editors will also check your essay in depth for coherence and clarity of ideas and argument. They will flag up any issues of inconsistency or contradiction and offer useful targeted suggestions.

Helping non-native speaker students

This in-depth essay editing service is designed to help ESL students undertaking a Master's or PhD degree to ensure their essay stands out with flawless grammar, rich vocabulary and advanced academic writing style.

Providing the right academic expertise

Our team of professional native English copy-editors have intensively edited over 20,000 essays for MA and PhD students, academics and researchers studying in universities in the UK, the US, China, and around the world.

Expert editors & proofreaders

All of our academic editors and proofreaders are native English speaker professional linguists with Master's and PhD degrees. Many of our proofreaders and editors are published authors and former university professors

Timely delivery

We process all orders for our editing and proofreading services in a timely manner, but we never prioritise speed over quality. We operate 24 hours a day throughout the year, including public holidays and weekends. We work to tight deadlines and short notice and provide express delivery service upon request. To find out more about exact turnaround times, read the FAQs section below or send us an email.

Fair, transparent pricing

Our essay editing service is fairly and transparently priced.

Our rates are affordable and accessible to BA, MA, and PhD students, researchers and academics.

We do not request any extra charges or hidden fees. All our prices are final and inclusive of VAT and are extremely reasonable and take into consideration the limited budgets of students.


Give your essay an in-depth edit

  • Grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors;

  • Lexical errors;

  • Syntactic errors;

  • Semantic errors;

  • Typographical errors (extra letters, incorrect spacing between words, additional full stops).

  • Consistency issues: the use of fonts, line spacing, italics, bold type, and headings/sub-headings (such as numbering, underlining).

  • Coherence, intelligibility, readability issues

a) Grammar, punctuation, and spelling


a) Subject-verb agreement (SVA)  

b) Use of conjunctions/connectors

c) The use of tenses

d) The use of modifiers

e) The use of apostrophe, lower and upper case

2. Spelling

a) Words

Stationery (stationary), grammer (grammar), loose (lose - as a verb), believes (beliefs - as a noun), proof read (proofread), weak (week), affect (effect) etc.

Hum (Hume), Aristole (Aristotle), Daved (David) etc

b) Typographical errors

c) American/British English

We will replace any American words or expressions with British equivalents or vice versa, depending on your required British variant, as exemplified below:

  •  Learned (American) Learnt (British)

  • Focussed (American) Focused (British)

  •  Center (American) Centre (British)

  •  Elective (North American) Optional course of study (British)

  • Characterize (American) Characterise (British)

3. Punctuation

a) The full stop

b) The colon (common error)

c) The semicolon

d) Using quotations

b) Sentence structure, word choice, clarity, and flow

As part of this specialist essay editing and proofreading service, our editors will improve the clarity, flow, and readability of your work.

This includes:

  • Refining your written English so that it is appropriate to your academic discipline, by employing richer academic language and vocabulary and removing slang/colloquial expressions;

  • Using alternative, more dynamic words in place of bland, commonplace, or overused words (e.g., “exhibits”, “illustrates”, “demonstrates”, rather than “shows”);

  • Reordering some sentences/paragraphs so that they tell a more logical story;

  • Adding sentences/phrases that link sections or paragraphs together. This further enhances the logical flow of your essay;

  • Removing any superfluous, redundant, or unnecessary words or phrases;

  • Leaving editorial comments and questions regarding lack of clarity, contradiction or inconsistency;

  • Ensuring the referencing style has been adhered to correctly and consistently throughout.

c) Length/Reduction

Essays are often required to be a certain number of words: mostly, around 3000, words. Sticking to the expected word count in your essay can sometimes be very difficult to achieve. Our team of dedicated essay copy-editors and proofreaders will therefore help reduce your work so that it falls within the required limits. Often this is achieved by removing redundant or repeated information/words and tightening the use of grammar.

Occasionally, this could involve combining and condensing key ideas and information, and replacing lengthy phrases with just one or two key words that convey the same meaning.

Looking for a professional dissertation editing service? We also provide unique PhD and Master's thesis proofreading services to students and academics around the world.

Mechanical and formatting errors in your essay?

  • Double spaces between characters, especially after a full stop wrong or missing headings or titles in a table, or captions misaligned columns or rows in a table
  • Misaligned margins
  • Misaligned headings
  • Incorrect text references
  • Inconsistent bullet formatting
  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes
  • Incorrect capitalisation
  • Footnotes or endnotes
  • Interchanging small words such as: of/off/on, and/an/as, or it/is/if incorrect use of trademarks
  • Missing numbers in a numbered sequence/list incorrect dates
  • Inconsistent use of abbreviations
  • Contractions: i.e didn't/did not
  • Extra spaces



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