Typos in website content

Typos in website content

If you are selling products or services online or running a website for a company with stores, then be in no doubt that typos in your website content are quite damaging and are a matter that needs immediate addressing – especially if you belong to any of the following three categories: 

  • Businesses that want to compete across the world

  • Businesses that want to establish a good reputation

  • Businesses that want to maintain and safeguard an already built reputation

For these companies and businesses, ensuring that the written text on the website is in perfect shape and does not have any errors – particularly typos – is a must! 

The company’s website content is directly associated with your quality and image. 

As a direct result, if your English-language content has typos – short for typographical errors – then your quality and image will inevitably be damaged. 

Online clients and consumers often formulate their views of the quality of service or product – especially if new – based on the standard and the way the content around this service or product is written.

Illustrative examples

If you are looking for an iPhone case and visited a website that said: “We sell the best Iphone case on the market.” 

And another website that said: “We sell the iPhone cases on the market.” 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see these two phrases? 

Naturally, human beings get impressed by high quality – for which reason you are most likely to think that the second website is better because the language used in describing the product does not have typos in it. 

This is unlike the first example, where the spelling of the word iPhone is not the used form of the word and also a missing plural “s” at the end of the word case. 

Another example is a meat shop online that says: “Our meat is the best in town.” 

Compare it with another online meat shop which writes: “Our meet is the best in town.” 

These two illustrative examples are applicable to millions of websites on the Internet which – regrettably – are losing a significant share of business because a simple typo in their website content can do much damage and turn away potential clients. 

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