Write your own dissertation

Write your own dissertation

Although the Ultimate Proofreader is an academic proofreading and editing services provider, we receive a countless requests and enquiries as to whether our services include writing a dissertation or writing an essay. 

We consistently apologise and clarify that we only proofread and edit dissertations and essays, along with other scientific and scholarly papers, including peer-reviewed journals, research proposals and placement applications. 

We often also point out that, as part of our services, we provide a paraphrasing or rewriting service (not a writing service). We explain that our paraphrasing service is meant to help students and academics who either do not have time or are basically worried to rewrite - unprofessionally - any parts they copied from other sources of literature and thus risk the very serious academic offence of plagiarism. 

We again keep clarifying that we do not write content, we do not write dissertations, theses or essays from scratch. That is not something that we do, for multiple reasons. 

This article looks at some of those reasons as to why we are not a dissertation and essay writing service, and at why you – as the researcher or academic student – should do your own homework, write your own academic paper, be it an essay or a dissertation, rather than rely on a third-party company or individual to write it for you. 


The essence of pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree should ideally be a keen interest from the student or researcher to learn more, discover more, and contribute to an existing body of academic knowledge. This should be the logical motivation of anyone seeking an MA or PhD degree. 

To get someone else, whether this is a friend, an individual or a company, to write an essay or a dissertation for you is a complete violation of the pure logic of doing an advanced academic study.  

For us, as a proofreading services provider, this runs counter to our professional integrity. We may help with editing or proofreading your academic paper, but it is – for us – completely unethical to create content and draft your own thesis or assignment. 

Do it yourself

One of our consistent pieces of advice to those who enquire if we provide an essay or thesis writing service is: do it yourself. 

We often clarify that the researcher or student is the best person to write their own academic or scholarly paper, not a paid third party. 

When you choose your topic of study, it is your very own decision, which should be based on a keen interest to investigate more and learn more about this subject or theme and gain a better understanding of it. 

When you trust an essay and dissertation writing service provider to write your own assignment paper or thesis, you will be making one of the gravest mistakes. More on this to follow. 

However, to wrap up this point, we very often basically tell those enquiring that they should write their own academic manuscript and do everything they can and then get their dissertation proofread and edited professionally, either by someone they know or through a professional proofreading services provider, like us. 

We also tell them that we will then correct their language, improve it and enhance their academic writing as part of our in-depth proofreading services – which is all widely acceptable and recognised by almost all academic tutors and supervisors. Getting your dissertation or essay proofread is acceptable but getting it written by someone else is totally unacceptable and unethical, let alone harmful.

Do not get third party to write your thesis/dissertation/essay

Apart from the fact that it is unethical, unprofessional and illogical to ask someone else to write for you a dissertation or an essay, it is also a very serious step that can affect you, not only at  present, but more importantly in the future as well. 

To explain further, one time a client explained that they knew someone who had obtained his PhD degree after having had it written by one of those dodgy essay and dissertation writing services (who unfortunately even advertise their services on search engines with impunity). 

His PhD study was focused on a medical field. No surprise, after his graduation and obtaining his PhD (which was written for him by a third-party company) he failed consistently to get a job relevant to his academic topic of study, simply because he did not know even how his study’s paper was prepared for him. 

He was known among his friends as an utter failure. There are other cases which could lead to grave consequences, if a student or an academic does not do the usual and expected thing: studying, working hard, consulting references and books, and writing their own dissertation or essay. 

Again, we re-emphasise that it is essential that you write your own dissertation or thesis and there is no harm at all in seeking a proofreading service for your dissertation or thesis.  

Essay and dissertation proofreading services are extremely useful and, above all, safer than using a third party to draft your academic paper.