Dissertation/Essay Proofreading Service

The Dissertation/Essay Proofreading Service is the first level of our MA and PhD proofreading services for theses, dissertations and essays.
This academic proofreading service is tailored to help both undergraduates and postgraduates who possess excellent English and academic writing skills but would like a professional essay or dissertation proofreader to give a final polish to their essay or dissertation/thesis.
In this dissertation and essay proofreading service, our proofreaders and essay editors will perform a thorough, rigorous and complete check of three aspects of your academic text: grammar, punctuation and spelling. 
If English is not your first language and you do not have full command of the English language, this proofreading service will not be the one you need.
You will definitely need one of our more advanced essay or dissertation proofreading services.
A free-of-charge sample option is applicable to this academic proofreading service.


"When I explained what I need to the Ultimate Proofreader guys, they discussed with me what I needed and they recommended me the essay proofreading service UK, although it is the cheapest they do,” Alan, a Master’s degree student.

"I opted for this category of PhD Proofreading Services, as I am ok with writing my essays but I have a bit of weakness in grammar and the differences between American English and British English,” Sheza, a PhD student.

"I decided to go for that one because it suited me best in terms of financial cost and level of intervention in my text. I did not want any significant changes in my text. I basically wanted a read-through from a professional person to remove any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, as I am not confident with those. This excellent thesis proofreading service was really the perfect choice for me,” Caroline, a PhD student.
'I would recommend the English proofreading services UK-based for all those students who are really good at academic writing but keen to ensure their text is error-free in terms of language,” Amina, a Master’s degree student.

"My friend got phd proofreading service from the Ultimate Proofreader and recommended me their essay proofreading service, which is really excellent," Samir, a PhD student.

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