Dissertation/Essay Editing Service

The Dissertation/Essay Editing Service is the Ultimate Proofreader's medium-level or light editing service for MA and PhD theses and essays.

This service combines standard proofreading (i.e. spelling, grammar and punctuation check) and light copy-editing (academic word choice). 

In this service, our professional editors and proofreaders will examine your essay or dissertation/thesis and correct any errors related to four elements: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice.

This proofreading service is halfway between the standard proofreading service and the substantive proofreading and editing service.

It is not as comprehensive or advanced as our In-depth Dissertation Proofreading Service and In-depth Essay Proofreading Service.

This Dissertation/Essay Editing Service is therefore designed to help students, academics and researchers who are proficient at academic writing in English but want to make their academic document more robust with the assistance of a professional editor.



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