Proofreading Services for Humanities PhD Students

If you are studying humanities at a PhD or MA level, you have indeed selected a very broad discipline with numerous branches. Whichever branch you have chosen to study, be it philosophy, history, culture or language, you have no doubt undertaken or about to undertake considerable research. 

We can help you with our graded and varied language services, from basic proofreading (spelling and grammar), to light editing, intense editing or full paraphrasing. 

How do we help?

Let us consider that you are writing an essay or a dissertation on a topic of history and that you have been asked to apply your own judgement to a particular historical period or event. You may have found many different expert opinions in your research. You will of course have formed your own opinion of the event, but you will need to consider the best way to write that opinion down to your readers. 

This is where our dissertation proofreading services come in. Apart from correcting your language, we will read your essay as an independent reader. We will particularly look for any illogical arguments. For example, you have researched two opinions of an event and included both in your essay, and possibly given the impression that you argue in favour of both arguments; but what if they contradict? This is where we can help as we may notice things that you did not notice. There are several opinions of what history is. Some will argue it is recording events of the past, whereas others will go much further and will interpret past events and how they can have an impact on present and future events. Does this come over well in your essay? We can observe whether it does or not. 


Let us consider you are writing an essay on language. You may well be researching on how language conveys thought and is therefore an important vehicle of communication. The English language is rich with words and synonyms are not difficult to find. There can indeed be many ways of saying the same thing, and all of these ways may be grammatically correct. However, imagine that you have asked us to paraphrase a document. We can find many synonyms for a particular word, but this is a matter which goes further, so we look at the text surrounding the word which helps us to see the best synonym to use. Sometimes, we may ask you to think again about the meaning of a sentence, or ask you if you really think the words you use are conveying the meaning.

Good Value

We could help you, not only in history and language, but in all branches of humanities. Our dissertation proofreading and editing services give you good quality at reasonable price, so why not try us to proofread your next essay or thesis paper?