Substantive PhD & Master's Thesis Proofreading Services

The In-depth Dissertation Proofreading Service is the most rigorous and comprehensive PhD and Master's thesis proofreading service we provide. 

As a PhD or MA student, you must be aware that proofreading and editing your dissertation or thesis is the final step you need to do before submitting your academic manuscript for formal assessment.

Combined & confidential proofreading service: This thorough dissertation editing and proofreading service encompasses both in-depth copy-editing and proofreading, and it is carefully and expertly designed to provide targeted and specific editorial assistance to academic students and researchers. It is 100% confidential - we delete all completed papers from our systems upon delivery to clients.

Academic students in UK & US: Over 5,000 students undertaking Master's and PhD degrees in universities in the UK, the US, Germany and across the world have benefited from this intensive academic English proofreading service.

Native and ESL authors: This dissertation proofreading service is extremely important for native academics and is exceptionally useful for non-native English speaker students and academics who need, not only their grammar, punctuation and spelling to be examined, but also a thorough and critical review of their dissertation or thesis for the following elements:

  • Academic wordage;
  • Clarity and coherence of ideas and arguments;
  • Appropriateness and formality of academic language, tone and referencing style;
  • Flow of text and language throughout the paper;

Professional dissertation & thesis editors: In this PhD and Master's thesis proofreading, our expert academic editors and proofreaders will examine every aspect of your thesis or dissertation to ensure it is concisely written in appropriate formal, academic style and language and is a coherent, consistent and connected piece of academic work - with no breaks or gaps.

We only use highly experienced human academic proofreaders and editors to ensure we provide the best possible service to our clients. Unlike other providers, we never use software or robots in our proofreading and editing work - all done by human editors from A to Z.

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What is "in-depth" proofreading?

"In-depth" proofreading and editing simply means a substantive scrutiny of your dissertation or thesis, one that goes far beyond the correction of superficial English language errors.

In this PhD & Master's thesis proofreading service, our experienced academic editors dig deep into your academic paper not only to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, but also fix other more problematic and serious writing issues such as repetitive text, inconsistency, incoherence, wordiness, lack of clarity and flow, or gaps in academic writing.

It might be the case that you have conducted the most extensive research for your PhD or MA degree and put every effort into it. However, failing to present all that great research work and your findings in a well-written and concise dissertation paper will undo every academic effort you have made to be awarded your degree.

In short, this comprehensive thesis proofreading service is designed to ensure your thesis or dissertation is written and presented in exceptionally high standard academic language in order to help you attain the highest grade possible.

How do we proofread your thesis in depth?

We will scrutinise your manuscript, word by word and line by line, to identify and correct:

  • Grammatical errors;
  • Lexical errors;
  • Syntactic errors;
  • Semantic errors;
  • Typographical errors (extra letters, incorrect spacing between words, additional full stops).
  • Consistency: the use of fonts, line spacing, italics, bold type, and headings/sub-headings (such as numbering, underlining).
  • Coherence, intelligibility and readability

a) Grammar, punctuation, and spelling


a) Subject-verb agreement (SVA) 

Although it is one of the most fundamental and basic rules in the English language, a large number of corrections our proofreaders make in dissertations and theses are related to subject-verb agreement errors. This is often the result of academic students using excessively long or badly structured sentences when drafting their manuscript. It can also happen when relying on automatic grammar correction tools. In this case, the doer of the verb becomes obscured.

Let's look at this example:

Original: The three main pillars of social science theory, which is employed by the researcher, serves the purpose of the study perfectly.

Edited: The three main pillars of social science theory, which is employed by the researcher, serve the purpose of the study perfectly.

Here is another example:

Original: Figure 3, which highlights the three shapes, mainly focus on the processes and duration of each activity.

Edited: Figure 3, which highlights the three shapes, mainly focuses on the processes and duration of each activity.  

b) Use of conjunctions/connectors 

In good academic writing, using connectors or conjunctions is impertative in order to piece your ideas and arguement together and transit smoothly from a theme or sub-theme to another. Conjunctions also help the flow of language as you move from paragraph to another. Very often, MA and PhD students either omit to use connectors altogether, or ignore them completely. When drafting your dissertation or thesis, you have to strike the right balance when using conjunctions. After all, they have to serve a purpose and be employed in a meaningful way. Punctuating them correctly is a separate and important matter.

Let's look at an example:

Original: The generalisability of the conclusions is affected by the sample size, however, the conclusions can still enrich knowledge and serve future research.

Edited (1): The generalisability of the conclusions is affected by the sample size; however, the conclusions can still enrich knowledge and serve future research.

Edited (2): The generalisability of the conclusions is affected by the sample size. However, the conclusions can still enrich knowledge and serve future research.

The connector "however" in the first sentence is mispunctuated as it is preceded by a comma and followed by a comma. This is a very common error we correct in thesis and dissertation papers.

c) The use of tenses 

Using tenses correctly in an academic manuscript such as a dissertation is extremely important. This is because MA and PhD students are expected to use different tenses (future, present and past) throughout the thesis paper, depending on each section. The tense used in the literature review part, for instance, may not be the right tense to use in the abstract, findings or conclusion. Failure to use tenses correctly in your thesis or dissertation will at least leave your text unreadable and confusing – and above all can cause you to lose important marks.

Original: In this academic study, I aim to investigate the phenomenon which I presented in detail in the following section.

Edited: In this academic study, I aimed to investigate the phenomenon which I will present in detail in the following section. (Note: you already aimed and conducted the research on the phenomenon, so the past tense, rather than present, had to be used in this instance).

Original: I have reviewed the literature for my thesis two weeks ago.

Edited: I reviewed the literature for my thesis two weeks ago.

Original: I will collect my data through semi-structured interviews. Three interviews were conducted with senior managers of the companies included in the study.

Edited: I collected my data through semi-structured interviews. Three interviews were conducted with senior managers of the companies included in the study. 

d) The use of modifiers 

It's and its are very often confused. Its is a possessive pronoun and it simply means "belonging to", but it's is an abbreviated or contracted form of either it is or it has.

Original: The proofreader said the chapter was well written, but it's content needed further detail.

Edited: The proofreader said the chapter was well written, but its content needed further detail.

e) The use of apostrophe, lower and upper case.

Although it sounds simple, misplacing an apostrophe can change the entire meaning of the sentence. So getting your apostrophe right in your thesis or dissertation is essential.

Look at this example:

Original: The tutors' complaint was that the student was not following a qualitative research method.

Edited: The tutor's complaint was that the student was not following a qualitative research method.

There are a myrid of words that are either capitalised and should be used in lower case or the other way round. One example follows:

Original: The phenomenon was discussed at the level of the Whole World.

Edited: The phenomenon was discussed at the level of the whole world. 

2. Spelling 

In English, there are many tricky, confusing and commonly misspelt words, including adjectives, verbs and names. We pick them up and correct them if they occur in your dissertation/thesis. 

a) Words 

Stationery (stationary), grammer (grammar), loose (lose - as a verb), believes (beliefs - as a noun), proof read (proofread), weak (week), affect (effect) etc.

Hum (Hume), Aristole (Aristotle), Daved (David) etc 

b) Typographical errors

  • They wanted too (to) discuss this in their academic paper.
  •  In the peeface (preface), they explained what they will discuss in their thesis.
  • Proofreading services are impotent (important).

c) American/British English 

If you are studying at a UK university, you will be expected to use British English in your dissertation paper. Similarly, if you are studying at a US university, you will be expected to write your academic manuscript in American English. Not many proofreaders are aware of the differences between American English and British English. But our editors and proofreaders will replace any American words or expressions with British equivalents or vice versa, depending on your required British variant, as exemplified below:

  •  Learned (American) Learnt (British)
  • Focussed (American) Focused (British)
  •  Center (American) Centre (British)
  •  Elective (North American) Optional course of study (British)
  • Characterize (American) Characterise (British)

3. Punctuation 

Punctuation is one of the most divisive elements of language and is one of the trickiest to get right in your dissertation/thesis. Some punctuation-related errors are too simple and result from oversight, but others simply result from the writer's inability to punctuate correctly.
Note: Failure to punctuate your sentences correct while drafting your dissertation can alter the meaning and eventually undermine the accuracy of your writing. The good news is:  our expert native English speaker editors will ensure correct punctuation throughout your paper.

a) The full stop 

Original: Jones and Smith (1994) argue that a model of risks and hazards could potentially have an impact on human safety, this is because harm is the result of human error, in their view.

Edited: Jones and Smith (1994) argue that a model of risks and hazards could potentially have an impact on human safety. This is because harm is the result of human error, in their view. 

b) The colon (common error) 

Original: Numerous researchers argue that cognitive biases emerge at three levels, social, economic, and cultural.

Edited: Numerous researchers argue that cognitive biases emerge at three levels: social, economic, and cultural. 

c) The semicolon 

Original: Several of the participants reported feeling anxious during the experiment, however, they were reassured during the post-experiment briefing that this was a perfectly normal reaction.

Edited: Several of the participants reported feeling anxious during the experiment; however, they were reassured during the post-experiment briefing that this was a perfectly normal reaction. 

d) Quotation marks 

Original: However, although this might seem obvious, Xavier (2016, p.2) states that there exists a lack of effective curricula and learning/teaching materials on comprehensive sex education and adolescents get most of the information from their peers. Most of the time it will be vague and unclear information.

Edited: However, although this might seem obvious, Xavier (2016, p.2) states that, “there exists a lack of effective curricula and learning/teaching materials on comprehensive sex education and adolescents get most of the information from their peers. Most of the time it will be vague and unclear information.” 

b) Language clarity and flow 

As part of the profound dissertation proofreading services, our specialist academic copy-editors – who have a great eye for detail – look carefully at clarity, intelligibility and flow in your entire academic manuscript.

This includes:
1) Refining the use of language so that it is appropriate to your academic discipline and is free of slang/colloquial expressions/informal language.
2) Removing any superfluous, redundant, or unnecessary words or phrases.
3) Identifying and fixing any phrases or sentences that are unnecessarily repeated.
4) Ensuring the referencing style has been applied correctly and consistently throughout. 

c) Writing style & word choice 

Our specialist academic editors and proofreaders will also enhance the style of your dissertation, without changing it.

Some dissertations are written in the form of a personal account and others are drafted in a neutral, formal academic voice.

Our editors & proofreaders will improve on the style you use in your paper. For instance, if the writing style is formal and academic, they will ensure any colloquial words and expressions are taken out and replaced with appropriate alternatives.

They will also introduce more dynamic words in place of bland, commonplace, or overused words (e.g., “exhibits”, “illustrates”, “demonstrates”, rather than “shows”).

If the writing style is more personal, our proofreaders & editors will improve the manuscript by introducing richer and more expressive vocabularly, removing any unnecessary repetition and ensuring the tone is personal, rather than formal neutral. 

d) Sentence structure, referencing 

In this in-depth proofreading and editing service, we will focus closely on improving the structure of your sentences in the following ways:

1) Reordering some sentences as/when necessary.
2) Adding sentences/phrases that link sections or paragraphs together. This further enhances the logical flow of your essay.
3) The addition of well-chosen connecting words that can help link one sentence to the next, such as “however”, “nevertheless, “moreover”, and “furthermore”.
4) Identifying and highlighting any sections of the work whose meaning is unclear.

References/Bibliography: We will also check that all in-text citations are correctly formatted and cited throughout the paper, based on your preferred referencing style, whether APA, Harvard, MLA or others. We will also check and correct your bibliography in line with your referencing style. 

e) Length/Reduction 

A dissertation or thesis must be of a certain length, which usually means adhering to a specified maximum word count.

This can sometimes be very challenging to meet, as many students/academics exceed the required length. Our team of specialist editors will therefore help reduce your academic paper so that it falls within the required limits. Often this is achieved by removing redundant or repeated information/words and tightening the use of grammar.

Sometimes, however, it will also involve combining and condensing key ideas and information, and replacing lengthy phrases with just one or two key words that convey the same meaning. Students often feel this is one of the most valuable services offered by our specialist editors and proofreaders.

Mechanical and formatting errors in your thesis/dissertation?

  • Double spaces between characters, especially after a full stop wrong or missing headings or titles in a table, or captions misaligned columns or rows in a table
  • Misaligned margins
  • Misaligned headings
  • Incorrect text references
  • Inconsistent bullet formatting
  • Incorrect fonts/font sizes
  • Incorrect capitalisation
  • Footnotes or endnotes 
  • Interchanging small words such as: of/off/on, and/an/as, or it/is/if incorrect use of trademarks
  • Missing numbers in a numbered sequence/list incorrect dates
  • Inconsistent use of abbreviations
  • Contractions: i.e didn't/did not


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Dissertation Proofreading Service - Sample

What makes us different?

1-Quality is our number one priority: We provide the UK's genuinely best proofreading services & editing and paraphrasing services. Unlike other proofreading services providers, we truly believe in QUALITY, so we pay maximum attention to your paper, word by word, sentence by sentence, line by line and paragraph by paragraph.

Once your document has been proofread or edited thoroughly and meticulously, it then goes through a more rigorous level and process of quality assurance involving a comprehensive second review by another senior editor, before delivery. The Ultimate Proofreader is committed to delivering the best quality English proofreading services to clients in the UK & worldwide. Our unparalleled and genuine focus on quality has put us at the forefront of the industry.

2 - Top-notch proofreaders & editors: we have a team of outstanding native English proofreaders, editors, reviewers and rewriters who have decades of experience. With a keen eye for detail, they are the best in the UK at what they do. We use only human copy-editors and proofreaders; we never use any online word processors or robot editors. We ensure that accepted rules of grammar and syntax and English usage are followed, including pronoun-noun agreement, subject-verb agreement, appropriate verb tense, pronoun case, possessive forms, parallel construction, among other language aspects.

3 - Value for money: all our doctoral and master's proofreading and editing services as well as paraphrasing services are reasonably and affordably priced. What makes us special and stand out from all other editing and proofreading services UK providers is that we provide a much better quality at cheaper and more affordable prices.

We charge a flat rate, whether your document is complex or non-complex; technical or non-technical; short or long. Our prices start from £9.50 per 1,000 words, and we also offer a 10% discount to all first-time clients (for orders required at least after 48 hours).

4 - Fast turnaround: our MA & PhD proofreading is completed and delivered within fast turnaround times, without compromising the quality of proofreading and editing. We are aware that students in particular can sometimes have a very short deadline to submit their essays, dissertations/theses or any other scholarly papers and therefore need their documents proofread and edited urgently.
While we aim to deliver assignments as quickly as possible, the editing and proofreading of your manuscript up to the highest standard remains our No 1 priority. On average, we can proofread and edit up to 15,000 words within a full 24 hours per single client (express rates apply), but for more urgent assignments with short deadlines or precise delivery times, please contact us via email.

5 -Trust & reputation: we are a reliable and trusted MA & PhD proofreading and copy-editing service provider, with a wide network of clients spread across the world: the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Romania, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Oman and Kuwait.

6 - Punctuality: we are meticulously committed to our clients’ deadlines. We apply a 100% punctuality policy.

7 - Around-the-clock assistance: we are available 7 days a week, throughout the year. So, whenever you need any help from us, you will always find us ready to assist the best we can.

8 - Friendly service: we love to interact with our clients. We answer questions and respond to comments at any stage - whether before, during, or after the completion of the assignment.

9- Confidentiality: We have a very strict confidentiality policy in place. All manuscripts and papers proofread and edited by us are removed altogether from our systems upon delivery to clients.

Our aim is to ensure our clients' manuscripts remain 100% safe and secure, from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered.


In line with academic proofreading and editing guidance from most universities in the UK and around the world, we advise undergraduate and postgraduate students benefiting from this thesis/dissertation proofreading service that:

  • We DO NOT check or correct factual information within the work;
  • We DO NOT add new material to the original work;
  • We DO NOT change the ideas and arguments presented within the work;
  • We DO NOT check whether calculations, diagrams, figures, statistics, formulae are factually correct or not;
  • We Do NOT change the sequence or ordering of the chapters and sections of the dissertation.

Expert editors & proofreaders

All of our PhD and Master's thesis academic editors and proofreaders are native English speaker professional linguists with Master's and PhD degrees. They have specific and specialist experience in proofreading and editing dissertations, essays, journals and other scientific and scholarly research papers. Many of our proofreaders and editors are published authors and former university professors, certified by prestigious proofreading and editing industry associations such as SFEP, AASFE, EFA, and ACES. All of our academic proofreading and editing services - from start to finish - are done by human editors. We never use any machine-based proofreading.

Timely delivery

We process all orders for our editing and proofreading services in a timely manner, but we never prioritise speed over quality. We operate 24 hours a day throughout the year, including public holidays and weekends.

We work to tight deadlines and short notice and provide express delivery service upon request. To find out more about exact turnaround times, read the FAQs section below or send us an email.

Fair, transparent pricing

All of our essay and thesis/dissertation proofreading and editing services are fairly and transparently priced.

Our aim is to provide English academic proofreading and editing services that are completely affordable and accessible to BA, MA, and PhD students, researchers and academics.

We do not request any extra charges or hidden fees and all our prices are final and inclusive of VAT.

Our prices are extremely reasonable and take into consideration the limited budgets of students. We basically offer excellent quality proofreading and editing at one of the most affordable rates in the UK market. In a nutshell, our proofreading and copy-editing services will give you the greatest value for money.